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I am Cool with a Capital C

Unlock all the other trophies

How Did You Manage To Get Inside My Head?

Meet The Thing Below for the first time

Start Of The Century

Reach World 2

Funny Times

Reach World 3

I'll Never Be The Same

Reach World 4

Everything's Odd

Reach The Last World

I Killed The Neighbours

Beat The Thing Below

The Time Machine

Escape within 600 turns

You Gotta Run

Escape within 30 minutes


See all the unique cards

I Only Like The Monsters

Kill one of every enemy

Thousands Of Years Of Progress

Complete all the quests in one playthrough

Watch Your Step

Beat a world without taking damage

Just For The Taste Of It

Set a practice deck for each world

Fashion Parade

Achieve 100% journal completion

Better To Be Busy Than Bored

Beat the tutorial

I Can't Bring The Time Back

Beat a whole world using the Chronoflage

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