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The Whole Crew's Here!

You've found all the heroes trapped in the dungeon.

Professional Baker!

Found all arcane forge recipes in the game.

Can Someone Call a Witch Doctor?

Something tells me I shouldn’t have picked more than 5 cursed items…

Indiana Jones'd

Get killed by a Boulder Trap

Gold Swimming

Maybe with 1 million gold I can buy a dungeon for myself!

Puny Skeleton King

Skeleton King is not worthy of being a king. Maybe I should start calling him SkeLOSER! (Kill the Skeleton King under 30 seconds without taking damage)

I Am Now Ready!

Now I should know how to survive this hell of a dungeon! (Finish the tutorial)

Good Architecture

The architect who built this dungeon must be amazing. 30 floors in and still no end in sight! (Reach a dungeon level of 30 floors or greater)

Keep 'Em Coming!

Is this the best that you can do?! 500 enemies are NOTHING! (Kill over 500 enemies on a single run)

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