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Personal Achievements


Kill 1000 enemies
0 / 1,000


Survive an attack with less than 10hp remaining.


Have a player unit get killed at 0 to -9 HP.

Lose a life

Have a non-mercenary player unit get destroyed for the first time.

People Die When They Are Killed

Lose a mercenary unit.

Spread Out!

Have 5 player ships or more get hit by an AoE rocket.

I Have the Power!

Get 10 stacks of 'Awakening' on Asaga.

Phoenix Down

Revive the Phoenix twice in the same battle.

Liberty or Death

Repair 50'000 hp in battle with the Liberty.
0 / 50,000


Beat the game on Captain difficulty or higher.


Beat the game on Admiral difficulty or higher.

Space Whale Rancher

Beat the game on Space Whale difficulty. Yeah, good luck with that.

By the Skin of Our Teeth

Win a battle with only the Sunrider left alive.

Penny Pincher

Complete the game without buying anything at the store.

Isn't it Sad, Chigara?

Complete the game without ever buying new upgrades.

Too Awesome to Use

Complete the game with the wishall still in your inventory.

Can't Touch This

Use short range warp 3 times in the same turn.

Meet My Little Friend

Kill a PACT support with melee.

Natural Enemy

Kill 2 PACT support units in the same turn with Sola.


Kill 10 units in the same turn.


Save up to 50'000 credits.

This is My Command!

Use vanguard for the fist time.

Grand Tactician

Hit 8 units at once.

Forming the Fleet

Contract your first merc.

Compulsive Hoarding

Buy at least 20 different things in the store (including merc contracts).

All For One

Put all debufs (except Disable) on the same enemy.

One For All

Put 5 different buffs on the same friendly unit.

Hello Nurse

Have Bianca use Restore on an allied unit afflicted by all possible debuffs.

With One Ryder Tied Behind My Back.

Complete a battle while ignoring one of your Ryders.


Have the Paladin get destroyed with Draw Fire ability active.

Sting Like a Bee

Destroy a capital ship with an assault weapon.

There Can Only Be One

Kill 30 units with melee.
0 / 30

REturn Completed

Find all the endings in REturn.

Asaga Alternate Ending

Find Asaga's alternate ending.

Asaga Happy Ending

Find Asaga's happy ending.

Asaga Normal Ending

Find Asaga's normal ending.

Ava Happy Ending

Find Ava's happy ending.

Ava Normal Ending

Find Ava's normal ending.

Sola Alternate Ending

Find Sola's alternate ending.

Sola Happy Ending

Find Sola's happy ending.

Sola Normal Ending

Find Sola's normal ending.

Sola Worst Ending

Find Sola's worst ending.

Icari Happy Ending

Find Icari's happy ending.

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