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Personal Achievements

Happily Ever After

Beat the game in Normal mode.

Sumptuous Solitaire

Beat the game in Hard mode.


Get 10 perfect hands in a chapter.


Earn 20 stars in a chapter.

A Woman of Means

Win 5000 gold in a single chapter.

A Vertitable Fortune

Win 6000 gold in a single chapter.

Double Your Money

Get a 2x multiplier.

Multiplier Maestro

Get a 5x multiplier.

Combo Debutante

Make your first combo.

Combo Connoisseur

Make a combo of 20 or higher.

Combo Countess

Make a combo of 35 or higher.

Dream Ballroom

Purchase all of the ballroom and costume upgrades.


Use all 3 cameo powerups in a single hand.

Wild Child

Fill up the fan with wildcards/jokers.

Prudent Saver

Save up 25000 gold without spending it.

Visit London

Reach chapter 7, set in London.

Tea For Two

Find the silver teapot.