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Personal Achievements

You've got style!

Make an outfit


Make all the outfits


Buy a video game


Buy ALL the video games

The best things in life cost money

Have a cup of tea, some chocolate or a nice hot bath

The whole pizza

100% game completion
0 / 100

We didn't think anyone would do this

Deliver a pizza in First Person Mode

Passive Respect

Deliver a pizza in a R-E-S-P-E-C-T level without attacking a single rival ninja

No, YOU'RE a dork

Successfully attack 100 ninjas
0 / 100

Difficulty options are like, just over there

Fail and retry a level 10 times

Best Rating Ever

Deliver a pizza in an A+ time

Great, you broke our rating system

Deliver a pizza in a time that's Beyond Classification

Gemma's Story

Complete the Ninja Pizza Girl story

Judgement free zone

Use the difficulty options

In the zone

Be "in the zone" for 30 continuous seconds

Just roll, you’ll be fine

Safely fall 10 metres

We shouldn’t reward this behaviour

Start a delivery with the lowest possible self-esteem and successfully deliver the pizza


Deliver 100 pizzas
0 / 100


Deliver 1,000 pizzas
0 / 1,000

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