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Personal Achievements


Complete a multiplayer run.


Complete one level.


Reach gold speed twice in an endless level

Eternal Mind

Reach a new state of consciousness

Golden Gun

Stay in gold for more than 60s
0 / 60

Golden Sage

Get over 10000pts on each level.

Iron Mask

Prove your face indestructible.
0 / 100

Killer Run

Get over 10000pts on any level.

Last Station

Complete all levels on all difficulties.

Light Speed

Run with a speed over 100m/s.
0 / 100

Love Pills

Collect more than 999 total dots.
0 / 1,000


Play FOTONICA without distractions.


Complete a level with alternate controls.

Pink Daisy

Collect a column of dots.

Random Mind

Get over 25000pts in an endless level.

Silent Sage

Complete every level, any difficulty.


Complete everything.
0 / 44

The Farmer

Listen to the sounds of nature.

Unspoken Runner

Run more than 1000000m.
0 / 1,000,000

Well Done

Complete the tutorial.