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Personal Achievements

That went well

Talk to that nice girl on the subway

Mirror Master

Grow some eyes in the back of your head

Gotta hide

Escape a nightmare

Get the scoop

The pulitzer is in the bag

Just because

Ray's kind of a jerk

"That" guy

That creep on the subway? Yeah, that's you.


Gain control of two characters


Team up to fix the lab's water system


Save Dr. Morales

Cut the rope

Save yourself by destroying a rope

Good listener

Listen to Saul's whole story without interrupting him

No smoking

Discover the chemisty department's secret


Rewire the lab door circuit


Open Dr. Morales's journal without damaging it

Dream master

Get all the memories from Anna's dream maze


Gain control of all four characters

Blueprint snatcher

Nab the blueprints from the police archive

See the Wizard

Find Morales's financial information

Magnetic personality

Maneuver everyone through the super collider

Access granted

Gain access to the inner vault

I promise you

Your uncle holds the key


Crack Tortoise's safe


Gain Tortoise's help by resorting to blackmail

Archive master

Get the blueprints on your first try


Pay Ozzy while keeping your professional integrity intact

Close to heart

Learn Bennet's secret

Finding north

Use a compass to find a new location

Key nabber

Remove the contents of a locker without opening it

Phone tracer

Track the movements of a killer


Find a new location on the map using fancy technology

Lesser of two evils

You sided with an enemy to stop a greater foe

The new world order

You stopped a killer, but let the big fish go free


Finish the game without asking another character for a hint

Listen to us

Play the entire game with commentary mode active

High Score

SUPER ACHIEVEMENT: Finish the game with a full score

Safe seer

INSANE ACHIEVEMENT: Open Tortoise's safe without using any "visual aids"

Quick escape

INSANE ACHIEVEMENT: Escape from the monster without locking the door

Decoder ring

SUPER ACHIEVEMENT: Decode a journal