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Update 2:

From the last few patches, it seems that the devs are finally trying hard to take the community feedback into account, which is really nice.

Original review from 10 Feb, 2021 with 700h in the game:

The developers for this game don't take any feedback from players, as you can see from the UI that was changed against all criticism on the PTB saying "we're waiting for console input as well". Right after the update released, the Community Manager for the game went and said "The UI changes are irreversible", making the old statement a clear lie.

Every single time this game goes on a PTB for the new update, barely any bugs that appear on it are fixed for the live release and in EVERY single update since I started playing a bunch of NEW bugs that weren't on the PTB appear after now changing ANYTHING from it, since they don't value player feedback for game changes. Issues such as emblems and rank updates, sound issues and survivor hitboxes being broken appear again and again. If you want to play on a not buggy mess state you need to wait for 2 weeks after the updates.

The Blight, which was a killer released on September last year, has a glaring POV issue, in which he can't see over anything despite being one of the taller killers in the game. Ever since he was released people have been asking for a fix, but every update they say "It's coming but not this time". They finally gave a concrete date this update, which will be on May 2021, which is 8 months after release to fix something that has been asked since the killer's release.

For balance changes on the perk side of things, they take 3-6 months to change 3-5 perks, in which most changes are just number changes. This lack of balancing makes it so most people only run the super strong perks (which have been getting complains for years on end for a change to be though of) and 90% of the perks in the game are not seen once in 200+ matches.
For the complains part, Object of Obsession is a perk which allows you to see the killer whenever you look in his direction and you're not on his terror radius. If you're on a team with voice chat, you can freely give information about the killer whereabouts. The devs stated not long ago that according to statistcs Object of Obsession is "Not a terribly effective perk" and that you should just ignore the player that runs the perk. After a bunch of community backlash they proposed a change, but this was clearly only because of the complains about that statement, not because they think the perk is broken.

On the topic of backlash, after 4 years of having players asking for accessibility setting for colorblindness, and stating multiple times that it's not on the works and it's not a priority, one of the devs bashed someone for asking it to be implemented on his stream and there was backlash, with a clip that you can see here:
One day after him saying that a colorblind mode was suddenly on works and almost ready to be released next patch, even though they clearly stated on the last few weeks that it was nowhere near being worked on.

The whole gist of this company seems to be "We need decent PR and people will play our game enough to compensate for old players leaving", which is not healthy at all. They sell skins on the game for the same price or even higher than F2P games like League of Legends, while this game costs around $200 for the game + all DLC so you have all characters (not even counting the thousands of hours you need to spend to unlock all perks on a SINGLE killer or survivor).

I'll say that I'm a sucker and spent a bunch of money buying skins for this game, but the last few updates have been grinding my gear to the point that I needed to post this review.

tldr: Even though this game is very unique, avoid it since it's a buggy cashgrab
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