Retired trader and collector. I do NOT trade anymore at this point!

:omfg: I'm not using any other account for trading! Beware of impersonators.
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:omfg::omfg::omfg: READ ME/WARNING :omfg::omfg::omfg:

Beware of impersonators and scammers. I will never use any other account for trading, negotiating or talking in general. Many scammers pretend to be me to steal your items. Don't get scammed and report/delete them as soon as you can!

List of known impersonators and scammers:

:bolt: If you want to add me please leave a comment in my profile that explains why you added me.

Please note that I'm not giving trading help and I'm not answering personal question as well.

Trade with me on CSGO Lounge [csgolounge.com] or /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade .
Browse my real money stores on {LINK REMOVED}, Stonefire [stonefire.io] or Skinbaron [skinbaron.de]

Please don't add me for price checks or trading help, use /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade instead.
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- CSGOLounge [csgolounge.com] or
- {LINK REMOVED}OPSkins.com Store
- My Skinbaron.de Store [skinbaron.de]
- My Stonefire.io Store [stonefire.io]
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4Fun Sake 21 hours ago 
Hi i added you because i unboxed factory new knife and would like advice pls
i` Jun 8 @ 6:10am 
give me Rust pls <3
Skiba Jun 7 @ 5:53pm 
add for trade
Meister Santana Jun 5 @ 7:03pm 
being friend with you is one of my bucket list
Anthony gamdom.com Jun 3 @ 7:04am 
I unboxed gloves yesterday C: teach me how to trade