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`` The occasional stream. [www.twitch.tv]``

~~ ETF2L [etf2l.org]~~
~~ RGL [eu.rgl.gg]~~
~~ UGC [www.ugcleague.com]~~

Season 16 Open - Play Minecraft Mine Diamonds, Spy (sub)
Season 17 Open - MonkESports, Sniper (main)
Season 19 Mid - Reality Check, Spy (main)
Season 20 Mid - De Coalitie, Spy (sub)
Season 20 Mid - open girls, Spy (sub)
Season 21 Low - MGE Mafia, Medic (main)
Season 22 Mid - Daily Nuts, Spy (sub)
Season 23 MID - DWARF, Spy (sub)
Season 24 Low - Geneva Suggestion, Spy (main)
Season 25 Low - lil team vol. 4, multiclass sub
Season 26 Div4 - lil team vol. 5, Pyro (main)
Season 27 Mid - Rules Of Nature, Pyro (main)
Season 28 Div 4 - Gen 4 Ubers, Pyro (main)
Spring 2023 Div 2 - Broken W, Pyro (main, team died)
Spring 2023 Div3 - Bed Bug Gang, Pyro (main)

Season 25 EU Steel - Happy Murder Family, Spy (Leader)
Season 29 EU Plat - We Come Here For Medals 2.0, Spy (sub)
Season 37 EU Silver - Geneva Suggestion, Spy/Pyro (main)
Season 38 EU Silver - Rules of Nature, Pyro (main)
Season 39 EU Plat - Valley of Ice, Spy/Pyro (sub)

ETF2L S19 Pre-Season Mid - Reality Check, Spy (sub)
ETF2L S20 Pre-Season Mid - Call it something (fun), Spy (main)
ETF2L S26 Pre-Season Low - lil Team vol. 5, Pyro (main)
ETF2L S27 Pre-Season Mid B - Rules Of Nature, Pyro (main)
ETF2L HL Experimental #9 Mid - lil Team vol. 5, Pyro (main)
Season 2 HLMixes Open - Happy Muder Family, Spy (Leader)
Season 2 RGL Fresh Meat 2 - Facestab, Sniper/Engie/Pyro/Spy (main)
RGL One Day Cup #2 Div 2 - New Dog Flow , Engie/Pyro/Spy (main)
Season 4 Russian Highlander Mid - Reality Check, Spy (main)

RGL 7s (EU):
Season 2 EU Open - Facestab, Sniper/Engie/Pyro/Spy/Soldier (main)
Season 3 EU Div 3 - New Dog Low, Engie/Pyro/Spy (main)
Season 4 EU Div 2 - ESA Invite, Engie/Spy/Pyro/Scout (sub)

Meme Formats:
Season 1 Hydro.tf - Play Minecraft Mine Diamonds, Spy (main)
Season 1 Scream Fortress - Beans, Spy (main)
Season 4 Ready Steady Pan - Lector and his E-girls (Leader)
Season 5 Ready Steady Pan - Happy Murder Family (Leader)
Huntsman Showdown - Happy Murder Family (Leader)
Major League Mayhem - Happy Murder Family (Leader)
TFArena Cup Season 3 - Happy Murder Family (Leader)
Pass Time Federation 7v7 Cup 2022 Top Div - Moro Murder Family, Scout/Solly (main)
Donk off The Deck - Happy Murder Family (Leader)
Mann vs Machine - Happy Murder Family (Leader)

Sixes and 4v4:
Season 27 UGC 6s EU - Happy Murder Family, Scout (Leader)
Season 15 UGC 4s EU Silver - YEETSEND, Medic/Scout (sub)
Season 30 ETF2L 6s Low - God's Plan, Scout (sub)
Season 33 ETF2L 6s Low - Reality Check, Scout (sub)
Season 35 ETF2L 6s Low - New Dog Flow, Med (main)
ETF2L 6v6 Autumn 2022 Open - Unban Gardner, roamer (sub)

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Fortress Faceoffs - Public Group
Hello, and welcome to the Fortress Faceoffs Steam Group!
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"Greetings, my name is mooncaller and I am conducting a case study on the preferred stylistic matchups of the people that make up the community of the world class platform of competitive game known as ETF2L.
Might I inquire as to what colour your article of clothing known as skirt in this delightful evening?"
AasTee May 12 @ 12:34am 
CarrotFlowers Apr 23 @ 4:16pm 
youre GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fawn Apr 23 @ 8:26am 
altijd zo boos :(
fawn Apr 23 @ 8:26am