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Adding me is fine if you...
- Are a key seller with plenty of keys in your inventory.
- Are a backpack seller with a substantial amount of inventory value.
- Are someone reputable in the community who wants to discuss.
- Want to buy something from me.
If your inventory does not catch my eye or I do not immediately recognize your name, I will decline you.

In general
I apologize beforehand for potential outrageous waiting times but other things in life takes priority sometimes. However, I can assure you that I do my best to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for being understanding.

Regarding my bot
Please do not add me for issues regarding my bot unless you are asking for a refund. If you happen to run into some error or simply have constructive criticism I would appreciate if you could leave a comment on the profile of the bot. However, if you are looking to get a refund, keep in mind that I only take responsibility for errors on my bot's end - if you happen to send the wrong amount I can not help you. You should also be aware of that I at any point might refuse to issue a refund if I believe that the amount you lost is insignificant - this is entirely subjective based from my evaluation of your inventory and is not negotiable at all. Please make sure to doublecheck any trade you do with my bot to save both of us some time!

Yes, I have them. No, I cannot do anything about it. I assume that you grasp the basics of keeping yourself secure online if you are getting yourself involved with cash trading, or trading in general. I will not take any responsibility in case you get scammed by an impersonator since it is not my job to educate you, it is entirely up to you. Please do not message me regarding impersonators, since it is utterly pointless. Report or ignore.
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:fsheart:Steam Level 219
:fsheart:Steam user since December 2015
:fsheart:Over 140 games owned
:fsheart:Over 40,000 trades made
:fsheart:Over 15,000 market transactions
:fsheart:Over 2,800 hours on TF2
:fsheart:I have a collection of Hong Kong Cones

:fsheart: My cash shop [marketplace.tf]
:fsheart: Trade offer link
:fsheart: My local time [www.timeanddate.com]
:fsheart: My cash rep [backpack.tf]
:fsheart: Wholesaler [24/7] - Item sourcing/banking bot
:fsheart: Wholesaler 2 [24/7] - Item sourcing/banking bot
:fsheart: Wholesaler 3 [24/7] - Item sourcing bot(offers best rates)

Please remember to always stay cautious while trading! I have a lot of impersonators and will NOT take responsibility if you happen to get scammed by a fake me. Always double check if the profile you are talking with matches with EVERYTHING listed above and be sure to copy and paste the steam profile URL into https://rep.tf/ to be 100% sure. NEVER click on any link sent by "me", since that won't be from me, it will be a scammer that is trying to steal your account! I do not own any "discussion account" or anything nearly similar to that.

Unboxing stats;
Total: 18 unusual hats, 29 unusualifiers.

Hats unboxed:
:ofdp2diamond:Strange Orbiting Planets A Well Wrapped Hat
Steaming Towering Pillar of Hats
White Lightning Berlin Brain Bowl
:crown1:Fifth Dimension Patriot Peak (sold for 200+ keys)
:ofdp2diamond:Strange Iridescene Reel Fly Hat
Gravelly Ghoul Berlin Brain Bowl
Pumpkin Party Berlin Brain Bowl
Valiant Vortex Patriot Peak
Resonation Wild Brim Slouch
Purple Confetti Thousand-Yard Stare
:ofdp2diamond::crown1:Strange Wicked Wick Tundra Top (sold for 250 keys)
:crown1:Soulful Slice Head Hedge (glitched)
Celestial Starburst Archer's Sterling
Sakura Smoke Bomb Field Practice
:crown1:Mountain Halo Plumber's Cap
:crown1:Jellyfish Hunter Dayjogger
Jellyfish Jam Field Practice
Sakura Smoke Bomb Brain-Warming Wear

Unusualifiers unboxed:
Box Trot
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Rancho Relaxo x2
Meet The Medic
Proletariat Posedown
Travel Agent
Most Wanted x2
Boston Breakdance
:crown1:Kazotsky Kick
Bad Pipes
Boston Boarder
Killer Solo x2
Killer Joke
Time Out Therapy
Pool Party
Road Rager
Dueling Banjo
I See You
Battin' a Thousand
Scorchers Solo

Notable achievements;
:crown1:Unboxed a 250 key unusual (Strange Wicked Wick Tundra Top)
:crown1:Unboxed two unusuals in the same case (Valiant Vortex Patriot Peak + Rock, Paper, Scissors Unusualifier)
:crown1:Opened one case, got one unusual (Strange Orbiting Planets A Well Wrapped Hat)
:crown1:Opened two assassins grade unusuals and an elite grade in a 50 case session

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669 hrs on record
last played on Oct 2
2,914 hrs on record
last played on Oct 1
4.6 hrs on record
last played on Sep 19
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