commodore   French Polynesia
Teryx Commodore, Professional Rain Dragon
"The world is far away / and gone to sleep"

"Teryx Commodore; bringer of rains. Enjoys hot soups, hoarding souvenirs, and long glides over the cloudtips. Will save your cat from a burning tree, but not its own poor life choices. Takes offerings of fresh salmon, high fantasy, flattering portraits, spices and favors.

Luminescent sky blue with a matte blueberry tan, white daubs highlight his soft spots. Sleek and lithe with a finely scaled hide, three expressive horn-spikes protrude from his fiery-golden mane. Awarded runner-up in the continent's fanciest mane competition.

Like most dragons, he can roar and spew (lightning laced) fire. Unlike most dragons, he can work his tongue around the True Words to ensorcel intricate lesser magicks. As the Elders caution; his potent reign over the celestial sphere is only challenged by its unrestrained attunement to his raw energies."

Thanks to itsipai for Payday 2!
Potato (Draco) for Half Minute Hero :3
Kerappu for Metal Slug 3 <3

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Terry :3
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Thanks for the add <3
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I cleared it so all good now
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Sorry about flubbing Nameless King so much while summoning you last night