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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 9:36am

Ship Sinking

Complete the first chapter.
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 4:16pm

The Fool

Complete the second chapter.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 7:11am

Wake-up Call

Complete the third chapter.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 7:42am

False Utopia

Complete the fourth chapter.
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 3:58pm


Fully unlock Alton.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:34am


Fully unlock Xu.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:32am


Fully unlock Quella.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 7:17am


Fully unlock Darryl.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 7:16am


Fully unlock Gwen.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:54am

Good Friends, Bad Friends

Unlock every character.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 7:19am

Smiles and Tears

Fully unlock every character possible.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:23am


Unlock all save points.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:42am

Rough All Over

Piece together parts of your identity.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 7:05am

Sense of Self

Regain your identity.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 8:03am

Living Nightmare

"Something bad is going to happen here. To the people on this ship. I can sense it."
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 8:38am


"I don't know who, but a person here is...looking for a target."
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 8:22am


"There's no way this ship pays for itself."
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 8:12am


"There is such a thing as evil. It's on this ship with us."
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 8:25am


"Expect the worst in people, and you'll never be surprised."
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 8:33am

False Awakening

"You have no idea what true suffering is."
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 8:45am

Douce Amere

"I guess it's not a happy story. It's...bittersweet?"
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 7:02am


Learn more about one character's past.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:56am

The Contractor

Discover one tie-in to the original Flash game.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:59am

The Syndicate

Discover the other tie-in to the original Flash game.
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 4:16pm

Look at Me, I'm the Captain Now

Leave no switch unswitched.
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 4:15pm

A Tale Told by an Idiot

Listen to all of Ferdinand's "announcements".
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 6:20am

Euclid's Elements

Learn more about Paulo.