Mang   Korea, Republic of
Hey can you hear me?

frUt : tej shot me through the wall so much

*DEAD* frUt : tej u got walls

*DEAD* ♥Eagle♥‎ : well when theres niggers like you tej that have to cheat
*DEAD* ♥Eagle♥‎ : Cuz you got a cheater to carry you

*DEAD* [rip Na'Vi] Chrissstiaan ✔ : Why is tej in arena 2 cheating man

*DEAD* took : Have fun with your vac ban tej :D


nUbs^ .deezy: like seriously dude shut the fuck up tej
nUbs^ .deezy: im done with your ass

*DEAD* FrankĒĒ27 : tej fucking faggot for hacking on a 1v1 server

*DEAD* vickt : tej ily <3

arrio?! : so you use a tec 9?
arrio?! : what a faggot
Player Arena 3 arrio?! left the game (Disconnect)

*DEAD* Peshha NeedleArm : lol ns tej for a cheater

*DEAD* Dakota: tej you probably are a loser
*DEAD* tej : But your a furry?
*DEAD* Dakota: blocked

simp nate: hes a fucking fag that sucks

seba : you're so edgy you listen to tyler
seba : fucking faggot
● *DEAD* tej : lol
seba : link me your esea tej
seba : what's your esea bud
*DEAD* seba : you really think i'm the prick while you were gloating saying 'im NAs hope'
seba : you're funny
seba : fucking trash can
seba : epik sick bants cheeky mate
seba : shut the fuck up you faggot

EthanPlayz/HorseB: 3 man spray down? in the smoke yeah ok have fun with ur ban tej
EthanPlayz/HorseB: your not legit u sprayed him and flicked me u hacker

♛Bills: bhop script lookin ass tej
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Awful player does nothing but troll and miss easy shots
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+ rep nutty
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all prisoners afk freeze facing and touching your cell door
^3bigtimerush Oct 21, 2017 @ 10:39am 
uhhhhhhhhhh hit in the gut! watch it will ya? OvEr HeRE!!!
smokey May 11, 2017 @ 2:45am 
sold me his two ribs, somethin' bout suckin' his own♥♥♥♥♥♥ dunno

lenith Jul 31, 2016 @ 9:29pm 
+rep is a happy guy looking♥♥♥♥