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TeHeada - Deal 3x damage when the player is standing on an enemies head.

"Papa? Tell me the story about that head stompin' robot again?"

"Heh, alright, alright... Well there we was on that great big marsh planet, me, Danny and Rafie, scoutin' for some MTG missiles that a cargo ship left buried deep in the swamps when we came across somethin' I ain't ever seen before. It was a great big jellyfish lookin' thing, y'know, like those ones they teach you about in school that went extinct alongside the rest of planet Earth 30 years ago... It popped right out at us, like a great big ball of light as bright as the sun, before we knew it it was throwing great big balls of light at us, kinda like snowballs heh... We cleared most of 'em pretty quickly, you know how good ol' Rafie is with his gunner turrets, gets 'em up quicker than lightning! But right as we had 'em cornered another one came burstin' out of a portal, this one was a 'lil different, it's snowballs were electrocutin' all our equipment and Rafie and I were ready to book it... When out of no where, that gutsy MUL-T robot Danny, crazy thing, it's almost as if it has a mind of it's own, swings up onto this here Jelly's head and starts nailin' it with it's guns!"

"Woaahh, Danny is so cool!!"

"The jelly started shakin' and shakin' but it couldn't get the robot off, he was ridin' it like a damn bull! He saved our bacon that day, we ain't really supposed to get attached to them MUL-Tehda robots, but if anything it looked like Danny knew we were in danger there... That's why ever since, these here gravity boots, we call 'em TeHeadas now.
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