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I am happy to accept adds but am more likely to do so if you comment the reason on my profile. For backpack.tf issues, please use the issue tracker or PM me on the forums, the links are below.

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For invites to the MvM Two Cities Veterans group, please check the requirements on the group page and then add me or comment on my profile if you meet them and would like an invite.

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SoldierLyfe! Dec 1 @ 7:00pm 
Remove my bannn!!!!!!
Teeny Tiny Cat Dec 1 @ 4:53pm 
I removed your trust. Please report impersonators on the site.
Teeny Tiny Cat Nov 29 @ 8:17am 
If it says that then yes... it didn't last I checked.
SoldierLyfe! Nov 28 @ 4:51pm 
Then what is the meaning of "DO NOT TRADE" on my bp.tf profile
Teeny Tiny Cat Nov 28 @ 11:50am 
SoldierLyfe! Nov 28 @ 9:49am 
If other traders trade with me,will they get banned temporarily?