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𓆩Beⱥs†ϻeℝef 2 hours ago 
Plss Banned Account try me scamm https://steamcommunity.com/id/Leo_God/
submarine Feb 15 @ 12:43am 
i have a few questions regarding a scam. im adding you cause i want to know a few things
Teeny Tiny Cat Feb 13 @ 10:04am 
You haven't read anything I said at all if you still don't understand the issues here. I am not going to respond to you further.
Chaøtsu | COW Feb 13 @ 10:01am 
Like I've said few pages ago. I said I changed
2: I said I paid 4 people who I scamm, cause I did not know if you will unban me if I do it to all of them
3: I ask you if you want me to sell my items to give the persons who I scamm to get my ban out
4: I said I can give all the items to all the persons who I scammed directly,

And you keep saying "You haven't changed" ?... Like I said again, Less thing you want when
you want to start again from a new account is don't get ban... Guess everyone will do same to don't get what he less wants. <-- Words I've said multiple times and you dont read them as I see.
Teeny Tiny Cat Feb 13 @ 9:58am 
Again, you did not demonstrate that you have changed, you demonstrated that you want to lie your way out of your ban because it's proving inconvenient for you.