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ESEA [play.esea.net] | 6v6 | Pugs

* UGC Gold (Team Fortress 2)
* ESEA Open (Team Fortress 2)

- Vader's da bae
- Hellion is a certified pedophile in the field of MGE
- I hate HL (I still have Highlander Open Pride though)
- Playing 6s scooty booty class ESEA/CEVO Open
- Admin over 10 servers
- 11/10 times Ill turn you down if you ask me to ring becasue I barely have any time anymore.
- I do not trade

Update about TechnowareGaming:
Hello guys. After about two years, of getting 65,000+ unique players on my servers, I've decided to give up on my community TechnowareGaming. To be honest, I am proud of my achievement but now day's I'm realizing I'm not enjoying what I been doing and not too happy with my self either.Being on Team Fortress 2 and my steam life had taught and shaped me in a lot of ways. I'm glad I've meet so many of unique personalities with different interest who I was able to get close with but I think it's time i start going back to the real world more. I will be more focused on my real life from now on. As of now, I'll be shutting down my TechnowareGaming community. I'm going to still play Team Fortress 2 and be the very best that no one ever was and catchin---Yeah I'll just mostly play competitive Team Fortress 2 from now on. I will be putting up random servers from time to time if i need to raise money for something but other than that, it'll only be contemporary. Thank you for understanding.

[ ] Strange Scattergun Collection
[ ] Strange Festive Scattergun (Hopefully Professional Strange Festive Someday)
[x] Strange Specialized Scattergun (Sheen: Agonized)
[x] Strange Specialized Pistol (Sheen: Agonized)
[x] Genuine Specialized Three-Rune Blade (Sheen Agonized)
[x] Agonized Emerald Scout Set
[x] Unusual Bonk-Boy - Gifted by Snarken (effect steaming)
[ ] Unusual Pink Energy Bonk-Boy (For my scout pink set
[x] 500 Members on my Technoware Group
[ ] Play ESEA Open as Scooty Booty
[x] Play UGC Gold as Scooty Booty
[ ] Play UGC Plat as Scooty Booty
[ ] A life
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Scotty Booty!
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t.tv/Kchain18 26 listopada 2018 o 20:26 
you fit for some vhs? smc gang yurd
badsheep1 25 listopada 2018 o 19:43 
Bruh, when are you coming back?
Network Not Responding 24 czerwca 2016 o 7:52 
protektion 3 kwietnia 2016 o 7:20 
{KSSFL}奈落の花 27 listopada 2015 o 6:39 
Hey tecky,
Love you
Miss you
Stop being busy plox
kev 29 września 2015 o 19:51 
Hey man, long time no chat. How've you been?