Don't let your kills be assists.

Just secure it.
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X3:TC for Dummies has been designed with brand new players of the X universe in mind and comes with all the necessary information required to get started and good hints to get successful even faster.

The inspiration of this guide was knowing how the new
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shokar here :P
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Hmmmm... This Chievo thing is eluding me...
Draketuroth Jun 19, 2013 @ 11:16am 
Hi, just wanted to mention that I started to transport energy from other systems and made a good profit. I'm planning to set up a sector trader, but what is required to do that? Do I need to buy a trade command software MK3 in order to command for example, a new Mercury? Is it worth both my time and money to invest in a sector trader?

Great guide by the way, it's the first time I'm playing X3:TC and Albion Prelude :D