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Boneze 15 OCT a las 2:24 
hello slayerXXX u alright
Boneze 28 SEP a las 11:13 
it aint nothin like a fist full o cash spreadin like a rash
Boneze 15 AGO a las 1:47 
hello les play ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hulan kind!!!!!!!! aa a a a a aba
Bilchard 14 AGO a las 11:11 
Boneze 14 AGO a las 9:25 
so ive had a look at your steam profile and i saysbhere that uour favourite game is this resident evil 2 retro leon kennedy pack? awesome.
Razi 13 AGO a las 12:48 
only one achievement on worms ultimate mayhem? really?