William   New Zealand
:teleport: Captain of Aus/NZ team voidwatch
:tapewithmusic: very bad content creator
:Safe_House: Between 🇳🇿 Wellington and 🇸🇬 Singapore
:blueduck: tweet tweet
:cell: very occasional streamer []
🦑 Switch FC: 1854-8343-5605
:stars: Fire Emblem Heroes FC: 0734838352
:Mayuri: too much anime []
:sentry: Ex-UGC Admin (Seasons 18-19)
🍂 Autumn camo enthusiast

Much internet love to: Dante, Funtimes, Macman, VanClash, Fozzlm, C-Rex, Retobin, Blitzen, Greenlamba and deerlord!
Undying thanks and admiration to :teleport: voidwatch : Seal, Bready, Neophyte, Eggy, Zoid, Wokkiee, Eddie, Oscar, Hyper, Donkey, Pluto, Obla, Nobunaga, Syn, Ether, Nex, hipster, adam, ratlands, olaf, 420, Tank Drop and Decyne!
Some other cool people who helped me out in various competitive formats: Hansel, Fogel, minty, Chrome, Attila, Greenish, Veni

wasting my time at uni 'Rendering' computer:
Quadcore Intel i7 4.0GHz
Z97 DDR3 Chipset
16GB Ripjaw RAM
256GB SSD + 2x 1TB HDD
Nvidia GTX2080
Samsung 28" UHD Monitor
Razer Deathstalker Ultimate
Razer Mamba 2012
Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1
Razer Seiren
Razer Ripsaw Capture Card

LANs Attended
🇸🇬 Nanyang Championships 2015
🇨🇦 The International 2018

Comp History
Captain of AUS/NZ team Voidwatch (ex Night's Watch)
Team Fortress 2
UGC HL Season 10 - 21st with Night's Watch
UGC HL Season 11 - 15th with voidwatch
UGC HL Season 12 - 12th with voidwatch
UGC HL Platinum Season 13 - Mon-stars (disbanded)
UGC Sixes Season 15 - 10th with Familar Knights
OWL Div 5 Season 12 - 6th with Familiar Knights
UGC HL Season 16 - 8th with voidwatch
UGC HL Season 17 - 7th with Familiar Void (Chosen for the Steel Allstars)
UGC HL Platinum Season 18 - 5th with Should be Studying
ozf 15 Open - Dead last. Literally the worst team in Ozfortress. with Familiar Knights
UGC HL Season 19 - 4th with voidwatch
ozf 16 Open - 14th with Familiar Knights
UGC HL Platinum Season 20 - 3rd with Squid Kids
UGC HL Platinum Season 21 - 3rd with Squid Kids
ozf 18 Intermediate - 9th with back 2 the bones
UGC HL Season 22 - 2nd with voidwatch-ktr
ozf 19 Intermediate - dead last again with back 2 the bones (what am i like a bad luck charm)

Jungle Swing challenge - peaked at global #12 1:35.122
Sky Swing challenge - peaked at global #13 4:08.711

Past Unusuals
Nuts n Bolts Armoured Authourity
Orbiting Fire Killer's Kabuto
Orbiting Fire Vintage Tyrolean
Searing Plasma Engineer's Cap
Blizzardy Storm Baker Boy
Purple Energy German Gonzilla
DBD German Gonzilla
Orbiting Fire Brown Bomber
Blizzardy Storm Party Phantom (from ToTH)
Purple Energy Dread Knot
DBD Brown Bomber
Miami Nights Killer's Kabuto
DBD Baker Boy
Vivid Plasma Exquisite Rack
DBD Large Luchadore
Frostbite Ze Goggles
Cold Masked Mender
Vivid Plasma Crocleather Slouch
Miami Nights Salty Dog

Backpack peaked at USD$959. Gone but not forgotten <3
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Quote Wall
nw | Dr Funtimes & Pan: please join
nw | Dr Funtimes & Pan: biowill needs to be put in his place
FV"Zoid: how many players do you need

HoplessClash: But Hop has two p's right?

the deerect hit: how does reflecting flares work? don't they just go out

biowill: so it's by the squishy spider thingy?
Empire+: what squishy spider thingy?
biowill: that intersection
Empire+: i can see how it's a spider, but squishy?
biowill: it's squishy if you hit the pedestrians

Bready: beep beep put another shrimp on the fucking barbie

Fozzlm: longyet
Fozzlm: *lnogyer
Fozzlm: goddamn it
Fozzlm: *longyer
biowill: WORDS FOZZ
Fozzlm: I can't
biowill: YOU CAN DO IT
Fozzlm: stype today
Fozzlm: :_______:
Fozzlm: lo;;me
Fozzlm: OH
Fozzlm: GOD

Dante: Are you implying that I like females?

Perikles #drunk: Liqquid alcholo
Perikles #drunk: =confidence

Fozzlm: They're a cute couple.
biowill: shipped
Fozzlm: Definitely
biowill: *stamps faces*
Fozzlm: Hopefully to somewhere liek Africa though
Fozzlm: Far far away

biowill: apparently tomb raider is quite good
biowill: doesn't have the triangle tits anymore
Empire+: i liked the triangle tits
Empire+: they were straight to the point

VanClash: well, knit her a scarf
biowill: pffffp
VanClash: with a duck on it
biowll: don't make me do the duck speech again van
VanClash: that was the point
VanClash: it's an inudendo in a garment

aE. Marox Bday> 2moro : are pyro is being bad

biowill: no idea where dec is
Fozzlm: where's dec
Bready: where's dec

biowill: But imo coming to nz at uni couldn't hurt
biowill: It would be a new chapter :3
VanClash: in my cheque book

VanClash: I can stay a total of no more minutes
VanClash: okay bye

the deerect hit: bro, i might be laggy so dante can take over if i am too laggy
biowill: no you will be laggy
biowill: but who cares
biowill: xD
the deerect hit: XD YOLO

obla: aren't thongs just like g-strings for your feet?

Fozzlm: sorry, tonnes of stuy
Fozzlm: *stydy
Fozzlm: sudy
Fozzlm: fuck
Fozzlm: study.

biowill: nothing is working
Fozzlm: D:
Fozzlm: DD:
Fozzlm: Also for some reason I read that as "Fuck my intern"

VanClash: Did anyone else hear that?
VanClash: It was like a demonic burp

Vanclash: But you should learn to play piano so you can be like dendi and then maybe you can activate your double damage rune properly

Vanclash: Alas
Vanclash: When life gives you lemons
Vanclash: Give them to someone else

C-REX: mi en mac is pliy dot naow
biowill: mi is play doto in 3 hurs
Dante: wait
Dante: th
Dante: forth
Dante: dnate
biowill: is this even english anymore

biowill: You can take to your famous navy bar
Fozzlm: Did you say baby bar?


The Alchemist: It's like driving a car but i don't know how to drive a car

the deerect hit: Oh you can loot bodies, that's nice

C-REX: My nipples thirst for victory

Flemo: what's that thing that starts with A?
biowll: Tourettes?
Flemo: yeah that

Blitϟen: cheers biology william

superbcake killed Blitϟen with force_of_nature
Blitϟen: Oh no, super b cake!
biowill: you mean superb cake?

biowill: starter is a salad with microgreens
the deerect hit: microgreens are this big
<makes small size with fingers>
biowill: do you know how big a micro is?
biowill: 10^-6
biowill: but how big is a green
the deerect hit: a green is 6.
the deerect hit: wait no 5.

biowill: are you a moist memer
the deerect hit: are you a memed moisture

Zoid: hey speednut
Zoid: speednut
Zoid: just between you and me
Zoid: i have a massive crush on bio because he's really handsome

biowill: just go clubbing hamish!
Vanclash: Wait Will what kind of clubbing do you mean?
C-REX : seals
macman179: seals

xXx-fastshooter-xXx : How t o blow the concheror horn?

the deerect hit: the enemy has taken our intellect

Seal Lord changed name to FGB"Seal Lord
FGB"Seal Lord changed name to FV"Sea; Lord
FV"Sea; Lord changed name to FV"SEal Lord
FV"SEal Lord changed name to FV"SealLord
FV"SealLord changed name to 8:05 PM - FV"Fozzlm: FV"Seal Lo
*everyone in mumble proceeds to lose their shit*
*fozzlm chokes and dies*

(TEAM) Fozzlm : Dog you fucking dickboy

biowill: :yolo:
biowill: 8)
Fozzlm: dis
Fozzlm: gus
Fozzlm: ting

Vanclash: If you were going I would get a girlfriend so I could stand her up to go meet you at the beach

usmile: did ur mum died early so none toughrt the polite?

VanClash: you have free pritning
VanClash: :
VanClash: pritning*
VanClash: fark
VanClash: I can't typoe
VanClash: I'm out

VanClash: yea my skype is about as functional as Hitler's advance into Russia at the moment

macman179: george bae
macman179: you are hot
macman179: we miss you
macman179: here in the land of the living
macman179: commandeer a navy ship and come to queenstown
macman179: you too wheel
macman179: commandeer a building

C-REX: we're pretty much in a relationship
macman179: send me a donger pic

Fozzlm: I can see why that's a ridiculously neat nice

macman179: Slime ranchet
macman179: Ranchet
macman179: Rancher
biowill: yes.\
macman179: Lmqo

greenish: veni: by the way he handles himself he seems like he'd be a handsome man
greenish: in case u wanted to kno

the deerect hit: Follow us chickens, we're going to treat you well, then take all your eggs and kill your children

blitzen: bready just sent me this
blitzen: who do we replace him with????

blitzen: bio may attackat ani tyem

UGC biowill #believvve: hey so because it's our last season can you let us win next week c;;;;;;;;
greenish: bro
greenish: totes
greenish: ccc;;c;c;c
UGC biowill #believvve: *registers forfeit*
greenish: o shit ur an admin too 8'))
UGC biowill #believvve: GOTTEM

the deerect hit: it was pretty sugoi

Irisu: the level is kind of just a show of how much you've played
Irisu: im a turbo virgin, but ive seen bigger turbo virgins

​biowill: How are you watching it?
deerlord: Found an unblocked sight
biowill: i guess you could say you can
biowill: see clearly

C-REX: bramble cjickl suisncsk
Rubber Ducky: spakdog
C-REX: spek

C-REX: You need Genghis Khan on your team
C-REX: He conquered all of Asia

biowill: I can see it going both ways
Retobin: I can see you going both ways
biowill: Was that a proposition?
Retobin: No, it was more like an audible dab

deerlord: im currently crawling out of a hospital sorry

deerlord invited you to play a game.
biowill: can't sorry, dying
deerlord: what of?
biowill: architecture
deerlord: oh, that'd do it

C-REX: Haha
C-REX: This project is killing me
C-REX: Send hell
C-REX: He'll
C-REX: Help **

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New phone who dis¿
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1v1 me G_G END
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Atlas Dec 23, 2018 @ 4:16am 
I do miss you my child... Just..... With every day gone, my weary heart dies more and...... I'm lost now

Come home x

Save your papa
▭BR!CK▭ Aug 30, 2018 @ 1:09pm 
Still the dumbest I know :)
biowill Aug 30, 2018 @ 7:31am 
for the record ben typed this in front of me at his house when we were both absolutely destroyed