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Alright, I'm just gonna start off by saying that I really enjoy the core gameplay in SFV. It's very fun, the cast feels pretty balanced even though Capcom has only released one DLC char (Alex) so far, the mechanics such as V-Skill and V-Trigger make the game more interesting, and overall when things are working, they work really well in my opinion. I'm actually having a character crisis right now because I personally haven't found a single character that I don't enjoy playing. All that aside:

Since this game was being rushed out for tournaments (under Capcom Pro Tour, to be specific), there were going to be things missing from the game at release. This is what I and plenty of others expected while playing in the beta, but what we got at release was a mess that turned people away from the game and gave SFV a lot of bad press. And unfortunately, a lot of the bad press is still justified.

Some examples SFV's issues:
  • No D-Input support and no way to configure keybinds without using third party programs (which makes no sense, since this game is ONLY released on PC and PS4. Why is there little PS4 controller support & no keybind configuration in the game from the jump??)

  • Arcade mode no longer present, and has been replaced (?) with "story mode" and Survival

  • Story mode is just 4 or 5 easy, 1 round fights against the CPU tied together with some short illustrated cutscenes. Once you beat each chars story mode you are then able to buy their story mode costume from the ingame shop and you are also given Fight Money (which is the in game currency you'd use to buy costumes, characters, etc.). Overall it's not terrible, but besides getting Fight Money its a pretty forgettable mode.

  • Survival mode is another mode where you fight against the CPU, and was added as a way to get colors for each characters costumes and to gain even more Fight Money. However, on the higher difficulties (Normal & above) the AI goes from ridiculous easy to ridiculously difficult without warning. Also, if you lose (which you probably will, since they are all 1 round fights and later on the AI starts reading your inputs), you won't get anything at all for your efforts. Instead you just have to start all over again, which is frustrating to say the least. Also, there's a lot of stages you have to fight through, from 30 on Normal, 50 on Hard and 100 on Extreme difficulty. (However, Extreme doesn't grant you colors, only a Title and tons of Fight Money) So God forbid the servers go down or your internet cuts out. And to top that off? The colors you gain in Survival mode are per costume, not per character. Meaning, say you have one alt costume for Ryu, but you somehow beat all the survival modes using his default costume? To get the all new colors for his alt, you have to do each survival mode, from Easy to Hard all over again.

  • I personally haven't had a lot of bad experiences with the netcode, BUT when lag is present, the game turns into a practically unplayable slideshow with the characters teleporting around during the match. Your mileage may vary, however; some don't have a lot of issues, others have a LOT.

  • Compared to USF4 (and other fighting games in general) it can take quite a while to find a match. And when you do find a match, you then have to load in, which per fight takes about a minute on average. After the fight it takes about another minute to go back to training mode/main menu. This process ends up taking way too long. This isn't a hardware issue, but rather an issue with the game communicating with Capcom's servers.

  • Speaking of hardware, the hardware requirements in this game are way higher than USF4's. This honestly isn't a huge deal, but if you have a toaster hoping to easily run this game akin to USF4, prepare to downscale your game into oblivion in hopes of reaching 60 fps.

  • Ragequitting is an issue, since there isn't any real penalty for it in the game (which makes no sense, since USF4 just took points away from whoever quit...)

  • Training mode doesn't save your preferences after you quit the game/go to the main menu (Sounds kinda nitpicky, but this is another feature that USF4 has that SFV does not.)

These are just the things that are off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure there's more.

My opinion in a nutshell:
This game is basically in Early Access. There's a bunch of features that are missing from the game along with a lot of weird design choices that are REALLY holding back it's potential, and because of this I'd have to recommend skipping or at the very least waiting on buying the game until much later, possibly June. Although to be fair, with a AAA game being released in a state like this, in retrospect I probably wouldn't recommend buying a game released like this at all. Which really, really sucks because besides the thousand papercuts that plagues SFV, it is a really fun fighting game.
Posted March 22, 2016. Last edited April 17, 2016.
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Just fire up the game, put on some Wu-Tang and you're set.
Posted April 25, 2015.
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Don't knock or sleep on this game. While it can be buggy and it doesn't look the greatest, it still is a great game. It's totally worth the purchase, especially with all the DLC/mods you could get.
Posted July 8, 2013.
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This game will beat your booty for a while, especially if you're new to MOBA's/ARTS'/whatever the ♥♥♥♥ you call them, but after that, you really learn to enjoy it. ♥♥♥♥ the community though, it's terrible. Still, great fun. Get some friends, and pick it up. Be warned though, this game can ruin friendships.
Posted September 17, 2012. Last edited March 22, 2016.
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A classic stealth game. Seriously. Don't knock it, pick it up, it's great.
There needs to be more stealth games like this.
Posted December 27, 2011. Last edited June 22, 2014.
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I bought this game for 20 dollars. I loved it then, I love it now. And now it's free to play, and you're sitting here just reading recommendations?
Do yourself a favor.
Give TF2 a try. It's free, constantly updated, and still pretty relevant for being, what, 8~ years old? Not a lot of games have that sort of replayability. While TF2 may not be as dominant as it once was, is still surprisingly popular, and with good reason.

So yeah. Check it out, and lose thousands of hours in the process.
Posted December 7, 2011. Last edited March 23, 2016.
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Buy it. Wonderful sequel. If you liked the original Portal, you'll like Portal 2. It's funny, it's interesting, it's challenging--etc. Pick it up
Posted April 23, 2011. Last edited November 1, 2014.
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