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Never had it anyway.

Relive the past.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 6:50pm

New body. New Boots.

Fight to the extraction point in Nova Prospekt.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 7:15pm

Radio Recon

Find the 19 audio recordings at Arbeit 1.

Beat Cop

Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher.

Bad Cop

Complete the game on Hard difficulty.


Bring Wilson to the upload station at the end of the game.

Friends in low places

Meet Wilson.

Now there are two of them!

Kill both of the gonomes in the Xentarium.

Rebar Huntsman

Kill 25 alien creatures with the crossbow.

Worth the Weight

Consume 10,000 kg with Xen grenades.

Far Distant Eyes

Witness the secret temporal overlay in the monitoring station.

No Chance of Escape

Neutralize Dr. Mossman's helicopter on the Arbeit 3 helipad.

Temporal Troubles

Find and kill all 4 instances of the Temporal Crab.

Cell Division

Reach the extraction point with four soldiers.

Science Team

Reach the secret lab within Arbeit 1 with five soldiers.

Dirty Harry

Kill 18 rebels using the 357.

Please Knock

Kick open 60 doors.

Party Trick

Kill a long-jump rebel whilst they are in mid-air.

Scar Zero

Reunite with Scar Zero at Entropic Control.

Closet Clearer

Find and open all of the Wilson closets.


Get health from a surrendered medic.

Visitor Pass

Earn bronze medals on all challenge maps.

Bootstrap Program

Earn silver medals on all challenge maps.

Mirage Clearance

Earn gold medals on all challenge maps.

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