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mef Jul 30 @ 3:08am 
Please DO NOT buy the BTS meal if you don't stan them. You're preventing the actual BTS fans who have waited for months from having the BTS meal experience. Eating the sauces without understanding their significance is literally cultural appropriation and it's not okay
calski -AA- Jul 18 @ 8:35pm 
Asian Beer Cafe aims to take you on a new and exciting experience every time you enter through our doors. It’s all about the mix of authenticity and contemporary decor with an emphasis on the details.The atmosphere is honest and modern and the furniture is simple and rich with tradition. All interior pieces are in a worn Asian style and feature 70 year old recycled materials including the iron wood from an old cargo ship that was sunk by pirates off the coast of Indonesia. The 5 private dining areas make up the main space, ideal for staff Christmas parties, birthday parties, product launches, business meetings, kicking off your night over the weekend or a casual drink after work.
Our balcony space is a Melbourne icon, featuring spectacular views over Swanston St and of Melbourne’s State Library – truly one of a kind. Gorgeous, yet minimalistic; private dining rooms and the 20 metre line bar makes this one of Melbourne’s most popular bars any night of the week.
mef Jul 6 @ 4:18am 
Kermit the frog caused 9/11. In the 2002 TV film "It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie", there's a part where an angel shows Kermit an alternate reality where he was never born. For whatever reason, the editors didn't really think about it, and continued to use footage with the twin towers still standing for this scene, however they aren't there in his original universe. Therefore, something that Kermit did in his life, did in fact cause 9/11 in Muppet lore.
big business bich Jun 23 @ 6:14pm 
I just have one thing to say... If you think for a second, that putting milk before cereal is valid in any way, think again buddy. You know what happens to little boys and girls who don't put the cereal in the right way?! THEY END UP ON THE GROUND OUTSIDE OF A LOCAL WALMART, NEVER TO SEE THEIR PARENTS AGAIN. YOU'RE PATHETIC. NOBODY LIKES YOU, NOT EVEN YOUR UNBORN CHILDREN. Say hi to Satan for me you vile creature.
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