have a tf2 dogball config in case u kno wot to do with it(u can skip the //commented out parts) [pastebin.com]
Say this life had a goal. What would the goal be? I believe it can't be anything else but the desire to learn from your experiences, being able to adapt - for the better hopefully- to the circumstances you will find yourself in and then in the ɘnd overcome them, in all senses of the word overcome, and all this while having fun.

i am everybody's little sister uwu [i.imgur.com]
dickord: AͫLͤEX #7871 | my discord channel erry1 whalecum but speak english or bangbang [discord.gg]
veri kul aka lame utube
snapdick: vidiotgameboss

me poople master [www.16personalities.com]
but alecs...you are the autisms... [i.imgur.com]
decided 2 make gay album of great me alex with whatever pics i take nowadays ur welcome world [imgur.com]
here my meme album. is very goucci. thanks gore for recovering these lost works of art ive made [imgur.com]

yes, i am the dogball legend [i.imgur.com]
winner and solocarry of every tournament i wasnt banned from aka shit like this
invited to every dogball clan possible but declined.
numero 1 on WPEU/Duck Team, PDC, Operation-Panda, BlackWonder, Flux.
banned on EA, AKOD, Panda Community, PDC and WPEU/Duck Team.
original nerd that set up MTX and helped test UFG.
maker of STD.
well known and hated for fucking all the cool dodgeballers youve ever known.

basically im the tfdb bogeyman for all the plebs that think they are the shit as they literally avoid me and/or try to get rid of me asap.

【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】

I feel pure excitement, joy from being hated. Being hated is an event which provides me with some of the most wonderful times.

I am the worst kind of person the likes of you can hope to never interact with.

So hate me and dissapoint me.

【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
【Would you like to restart?】 【Y/Y】
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Favorite Game
I'm mainly remembered for being THE exiled dodgeball LEGEND
*DEAD* Ww! Darkknio™ : your mean directs
ƎND : roar
Ww! Darkknio™ : #nomercy
$ the killer $ : crap
ƎND : sory
*DEAD* Ww! Darkknio™ : rip hope and dreams
ƎND : sory x2
Ww! Darkknio™ : you mean the player shooting it

*DEAD* Cr171k4l : end is uncounterable

hapi : dreadful

☭ ᵂⁱⁿᵈᵒʷˢ_ˣᵖ : i swear if i kill end then my life is complte
*DEAD* ☭ ᵂⁱⁿᵈᵒʷˢ_ˣᵖ : nvm
☭ ᵂⁱⁿᵈᵒʷˢ_ˣᵖ : were you even trying then end?

Weebs ようこそ : And ofc it's the bot who joins
Weebs ようこそ : >Instant movement

*DEAD* Allanmaster : wtf
*DEAD* Allanmaster : just die ;(

Snupy #tf2center : pathetic animal with godly drags

SesiDev | {LINK REMOVED} : wtf end hackers
*DEAD* ][ Ocelot ][ Milan ][ : NICE HACK 9 YEARS OLD KID

C α Γ Γ Φ t : ima fucken sue end

✪ Kyoto : i hate him he has perfect rocks

Envy : well i think its like art to watch you play cus it looks like you dance tango or some shit with the rocket

.ªssƗsŧ. : end has sum sick skills

*DEAD* Taygete : dont be mad end :/
Taygete left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Masterfiga | sharkservers.eu : that guy is so fucking impressive to watch

*DEAD* TBotV63 : ew end is here
TBotV63 left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*SPEC* [Admin] Zyphon.:[shadow panda]:. : end you wanna turn those hacks off?

MARIO blw.tf : END DISCONNECT PLS there will be noone left if you stay here

Craigo : what kind of fucking monster are you? look at you pyro loadout.

*DEAD* Shift : aimbot off? :o

frozeniuS : end you're a massive homosexual
👽 mikaaa 👽 : fact

(TEAM) r3in: this end is hax so izi

lomber : hacker here, goes by the name of end

Max Madness : This is a bot I suppose?
Max Madness : oh wait i muted him sry

Afterburn : whos this guy?
Afterburn : lmao
Taxx : somebody better than you bro
Afterburn left the game (Disconnect by user.)

I'll be honest most people you see around here are positively retarded.
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Created by - ƎND
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ƎND Jul 5 @ 6:12pm 
And a part two to that, as some form of closing words:

I believe everyone should follow their beliefs.
My belief is that whoever I deem unhealthy for society should share the fate of a stone dropped into deep water — they should simply disappear.
Justice is defined by the hand that wields it.
ƎND Jul 5 @ 6:01pm 
And to that question, alt account of Ice that I just made to frame those funny and accurate words on my wall, I can actually give a response to, as even though you posted that as a joke, it still remains a good question actually:

I don't have a reason to be affected. People that hate me should continue to do so, I seek no pity nor acceptance whatsoever from the people that do so because I have full confidence that the people that do hate me are bad people. I strive to make every bad person hate me as it is natural for me, a good person, to be hated by the bad people. The good had always been opposed to the bad after all, hasn't it?

It makes me happy I can be the enemy of these so-called bad people. I am genuinely proud to be their adversary.

A more fitting question that should be asked is: "Are you good or are you bad?" That is and will remain a question up for debate but I know one thing for certain: I want any person that thinks badly of me or of other good people to fight me.
Ice Jul 5 @ 12:34pm 
danke, how do you live knowing that you're despised more than i am? that truly is an achievement.
∞ Whîté Jul 3 @ 1:22pm 
That just makes you a sad person with half a brain. Can't get you a comment that you deleted because your ego was just hurt by it. Get off my profile and the little cartoonic delusional world you've been keeping yourself in.
Anna Jun 30 @ 5:10am 
have u ever thinked about yourself? i mean dont u see how crazy u are? check urself and grow up end
[バカ] antispyral Jun 19 @ 5:00am 
What a cringy an hypocritical♥♥♥♥♥♥ Leave people alone. Disliking someone's actions does not mean you dislike thier craft. Chris Brown was a wife beater, doesn't have anything to do with his music. XXXTENTACION did some shady♥♥♥♥♥♥I am sure. But his music was great and he spread a good message against suicide. He reached out to people when they had no-one else for guidance or help. People like you who act like they are a supreme being and can judge others who constantly belittle others bring nothing good or productive to this world. Grow up and be respectful of death because i am sure you want people to care about your death when you inevitably die alone.