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I, in my cognition, am so transfixed that it is as if I have been living on trillions and trillions of billions of years, on trillions and trillions of planets like this one. Planets like this Earth. I already understand this world in many respects, and I am looking for only one thing here: peace, tranquility, and this harmony - from merging with infinite eternal, from contemplation of this great fractal similarity, and from this wonderful unity of being, infinite eternal, wherever you look: whether deep down - into infinitely small, or up - into infinitely big.

And what is your choice? Go on, hustle on, hustle on... Your distribution is your way, and your horizon of knowledge, of feeling, and the limitations of your own nature. And it is incommensurably small compared to mine... I feel like a deep old man who has spent his life searching for the recipe for immortality, the formula for eternal life. I have been on this planet since its inception. When the cloud of precursors, transforming in stages, turned into a star, the Sun. I remember the explosion of this gas-dust substrate, erupting into a bright star, and triggering the formation of the preservative planets.

I can't help feeling that I've been living on this Earth for five billion years, and I know it inside and out. I have been to this planet, countless times. I have been greater than Caesar, more ruthless than Hitler, more ruthless than all the most ferocious tyrants. I have been both a slave and a powerless shudra, an outcast, a renegade, in a position far worse than I am now. I say this because I feel in myself this multitude of experiences. Somewhere I was like a plant, somewhere I was like a bird, somewhere I was like a worm, somewhere I was just a lump of rock.

This is all the soul. It has facets of resemblance that are infinitely different and endless. But you don't understand that. We in this world, in a sense, live in different sensations, different aspirations. Accordingly, we have different places, and different distributions.

I wish you quickly to get fed up with all these vulgar pleasures and entertainments, even if embodied in the most extravagant, and striking the plebeian consciousness - productions. If you suddenly run out of ideas, you can ask me, and for every epathetic idea you have, I'll offer you hundreds of trillions of alternatives, with detailed descriptions of even the most radical ways of their implementation.

And as for me? I go, like the deep elder who has seen the eternal, who has come into contact with the divine, who has grasped the aspiration of the atman, to the infinite Rahman, in search of tranquility, peace, harmony, and grace, witnessing the awe of one-step living in intimate bliss, and being involved in everything and everyone around me.

That's it. That's our difference. So, I go to admire the Universe, and you go to be transfused, in one of its facets. That's the difference. You cannot, or do not want to, behold this infinite-eternal, perhaps you do not need it yet. But you are undoubtedly more active, like that woodpecker which tirelessly chisels a dry trunk, or the ant which demonstrates genuine activity, in its path. That's it. Our paths, so to say, have facets of similarity, because of the oneness of being... And I understand you very well, but you hardly understand me. Because - I, as it were, contain in me all your nature, and it makes up, only one small grain of sand of what is in me. That's all. So you go your way, and I'm off to enjoy a beautiful autumn sunset on the banks of a warm southern river.

That's it, ♥♥♥♥ you, and I'm ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
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