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If you are wondering about my achievement stats, a large chunk are from casual games (mostly hidden objects and time managers), hence the high percentage.
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skitzo skizito Jun 18 @ 6:38pm 
need help with some stuffs
Dead Eye Donny May 16 @ 7:38am 
saved me sir thank you
talgaby May 12 @ 5:47am 
Hi, if the forums did not help, I am not sure I can. I haven't played FO:NV in almost half a decade now.
Exileddd Apr 29 @ 7:40am 
Hi, I've sent u a friend request! I've seen you a lot on FNV forums but unfortunately non of those seems to have the same problem as what I'm looking for specifically. I'm really desperate at fixing my FNV man. I already did a clean uninstall - install of the game but it seems like the problem still persist from my past modded playthrough. I am now trying to play the game on vanilla, without mods and dlc. Also deleted FNV folders and MO2 folders after installing again. Would be awesome if I could talk to you more in detail about what my problem is to keep this comment short. Have a great day man, thanks for providing support to those in need on Steam forums (Reddit didn't help me at all). I hope you can help me. Thx.
SANATRA Apr 23 @ 10:57am 
Man you helped me so much throughout my gameplays, i hope you the best life
Maoist Ballcummer Apr 18 @ 8:52pm 
I love you