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Welcome to my profile!

Read this:

Do not add me if you don't have what I'm looking for.
Do not ask for free stuff.
Do not ask me to reserve an item for you.
I only very rarely accept items as a form of payment, but even then you have to overpay.
I will not trade with you if you are marked on SteamREP.

Useful links:

- Backpack. [backpack.tf]

- Steam Rep. [steamrep.com]

- Trade Offer.

- Love u! :8bitheart:

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How to succeed in the opening of Mann Co. Supply Crates
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come to TF2 bet instead
My smal cousin george has an apple every day for lunch. He desided that for lunch he would have an pair and his skull fractured. He had a skull unlike aunt elizabeth who had jelly fish head. George went up this hill and he never was able to again. my uncle had brother that was mother to joe. joe had mother who had no father. he told his motther that she was bad and she got mad. she was not sad to be glad but she was yellow from waist up. he told his grandmother same day but she told him to keep eating apple for eternity. he cried becuse he liked orange. His mother got mad and told bill she had no orange to feed him. Mike went fully mad and came back village with a rock. He slammed rock on peoples heads until they were not alive. not dead but completely motionless and not breathe. He was rude to those people who he hurt. Lord Zimacrius told him to not fear anything but feer. Mike came back and smashed his head in with stick this time.

-Book of Grimald Shinner 6:15
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