Vincent   Hessen, Germany
Currently Online
Competitive History
Heavy, Leader and Maincaller of Deseras (TF2 Highlander) 31.01.2016 to 30.10.2017
ETF2L HL S10 Open ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33rd out of 48
UGC HL S19 Iron ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd out of 25
HLO #2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th out of 10 (in our Group)
UGC HL S20 Steel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13th out of 36
ONC #8 Open --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd out of 4 (in our Group)
ETF2L HL S11 Open ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17th out of 42
Experimental HL Cup #8 Open ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3rd out of 16
ETF2L HL S12 Preseason Cup Open ----------------------------------------- 2nd out of 12 (in our Bracket)
UGC HL S21 Steel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd out of 20
ETF2L HL S12 Open ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13th out of 29
Fresh Meat Challenge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17th out of 120
UGC HL S22 Silver --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th out of 18
ETF2L HL S13 Open ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th out of 33
UGC HL S23 Silver -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11th out of 18
insomnia61 LAN attendance
RGL.gg Prolander One Day Cup Div 4 (with GCP) ------------------------------------------------ 1st out of 8

and too many Quake Cups to count but notable ones include:
GameTribe One Day Cup #2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9th out of 28
ESL 1on1 Challenge Cup #16 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9th out of 59
Uniorz Cup #6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th out of 32
Uniorz Cup #10 Gold ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2nd out of 15
ESL Weekly Duel Challenge #1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th out of 20
Uniorz Cup #14 Gold ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd out of 22
Uniorz Cup #17 Gold ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd out of 23
r/quakechampions 2v2 Cup #2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd out of 6
r/quakechampions 2v2 Cup #4 (lul) -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st out of 2
r/quakechampions 2v2 Cup #5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd out of 3
r/quakechampions 2v2 Cup #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st out of 2
Uniorz Cup #21 Diamond ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th out of 16

Speedrun Times:
Titanfall 2: 1h 45m 05s (ex 3rd place)
Undertale Pacifist: 2h 12m 37s
TF2 jump_academy ABC: 18.00s (ex WR)
TF2 jump_academy Wall: 56.23s
Half Life Campaign in Sven Co-op - 52m 33s (4-6 player WR)
Half Life Campaign in Sven Co-op - 49m 13s (3 player WR)
Half Life Campaign in Sven Co-op - 51m 17s (2 player 2nd place)
Freek vonk May 13 @ 3:52am 
i knew, i wasted his time for like 30 minutes with dumb questions n stuff.
but ty for warning btw :)
❅✮nurse✮❅ Mar 31 @ 5:42pm 
Happy Easter! 🐰
D4R callFEELD Jan 21 @ 2:52pm 
Pimskii | PC still dead Nov 25, 2017 @ 2:27am 
added to ask a question
i w a n t t o d e a d 現がも Nov 1, 2017 @ 9:09am 
It's 6 o'clock in the morning now, dawn is drawing close
Refresh just one more time to look at the same old posts, daily dose
Tenshi's eating her corndog, Bawson's crying as NEETs do foreign exchange
Tripfriends on Formspring, IRC, ghost posting
Anon is fapping, Meido's napping, things never change

Save this thread for tomorrow, post goodnight, and take off these heavy headphones
Shut the computer down, look around, and finally feel all alone
Sunlight creeps in the window, close the curtains, it's time to go to sleep
Another night passes by, but don't think too deep
Go with the flow and let life repeat

And so the days turn to weeks, months, years
Time goes by, but you're by my side
Slipping away from reality, can't you see?
That things aren't as bad as they seem...
Forever living the dream