Alice in Bakerland
す し (초밥)   Yemen
The Shell-Shock Saint of Verdun Heights 🎖️

Private Sushi reporting for duty! (。•́ ᵕ •̀。)
Oberschütze Sushi berichten für Pflicht! (≧ ᵕ ≦)
二等陸士 スシ 仕事の準備ができました ! (´• ω •`)
Binh nhì Sushi chuẩn bị cho nhiệm vụ! (。•́ ‿ •̀。)

Ardent admirer of history and military uniforms ❤
God bless Dimitri and his RP †
7.62 x 39mm ︻┳═一;-
Heehee ecks dee xD

:medkit:Current interests: Dark Age / Sengoku Jidai / WW1 / WW2 / Cold War
:medkit:Faction interests: Finnish Armed Forces
:medkit:Firearms interests: M1918 BAR, M3 Greasy, SIG 556xi
:medkit:Apparel interests: M1907 Feldrock, Model 8 Helmet

...oh... and .... I happen to be a Battlefield and CoD fanatic... oof.
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Basic Stuff

Name: Sushi

Other Aliases: A-10 Warthog, M-60E4 SFX, Dr. Sushinsky, Sashi Grey, Slushie, Ganshi, Fish, Uberator, O. Perator, TacSu, Ponzu's Little Secret, 🍣, Shell Shock Saint Sushi.

Status: E.I.A (Eaten in Action)

Profession: Barista / Amateur Artist / People's Army of Vietnam Conscript

Personality: A tilted Axis. Can be a little too enthusiastic about military uniform and history-related stuff. Like... REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC. I mean... who doesn't like trench coats and gaiter boots?

Interests: History (Mostly Military), Video Games, Sleep, Animes, Tacticool Gloves (Oakley/Mechanix/FG/Damascus/Overlord), and Dimitri.

Music Genres: Tropical/Progressive/Electro House, Bigroom, Electro Swing, Touhou remixes, Country, Folk/Artcore, Game/Movie OSTs

Favorite TV Shows:
Hawaii Five-O, Black Mirror, Dark Matter, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Generation Kill, Generation War (Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter), John Adams, Rome, Napoleon, War and Peace (On-Going), Spartacus, Marco Polo, Washington's Spies: TURN, Our World War, Stranger Things, World War II documentaries and stuff from my highschool years.

Gaming Groups and Associations

:tropicanstar: Veterans-Gaming - Battlefield 2 Project Reality (2010 - 2016)
Status: MIA
Role: Undercover Admin

:rlroadhog: Squad Gaming - Other Games (2015 - Ongoing)
Status: MIA
Role: Honorary Admin/Veteran

:2016watermelon: Dempsy's Diner - Garry's Mod / Other Games (Jan - May 2017)
Status: MIA
Role: Certified Cook of the Diner / Corpsmen Detachment - Warrant Officer Sasha "Cupcake" Mayakovsky

:Morale: The King's Own Scottish Borderers - Battlefield 1 (November 2016 - ongoing)
Status: MIA
Role: Lance Corporal (LCpl.) - Royal Flying Corps Volunteer Pilot / Auxiliary Infantryman
Callsign: Sushi / Waterboy
Plane/Tank Names: The Flying Sushi, Sasha, Baguette, Fat Croissant

:maple2: The Fallen Knights - FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Gaming Group (April - May 2017)
Status: MIA
Role: Paladin / Cleric / Miner / Fisherman / Carpenter

:security: [1/5] 1st Battalion, 5th Marines - ArmA 3 Realism Unit (2016 - 2017)
Status: Unit suspended until further notice
Role: Private First Class (Pfc.) - United States Marine Automatic-Rifleman / Auxiliary Corpsman
Callsign: Sushi / Uberator / TacSu (Tactical Sushi Mk. II) / Spectre 1-1

:german: [11.inf] 11th Infanterie-Division - ArmA3 Realism Unit (February 2017)
Status: Active
Role: Obersoldat (OSdt.) - Wehrmacht Ostlegionen - MG Mannschaften / Panzerjager
Callsign: Maya

:grwskull: Project Potato - Story/Lore/RP Development Group (October 2017 - ongoing)
Status: Sporadic Projects
Role: Loremaster / Amateur B&W Concept Artist

Work-In-Progress:critical: Its never done :(
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Battlefield 1 - Verdun Heights
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