(503) zabungalow
You can ask :)   Oregon, United States
I hope to make some good friends in this game :)

Demo forever and always, literally the best class in the game

Jazz playlist for those who want to know it: https://open.spotify.com/user/227liudl3ocg3qots4gqd6qdy/playlist/6sBwPUVwu8IUm2dX8LrljO

I really like jazz ballads:

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9:33 PM - twitch.tv/zaboomafoo_ : <4
9:33 PM - Queen of carrot flowers: The feeling
9:33 PM - Queen of carrot flowers: Is not
9:33 PM - Queen of carrot flowers: Reciprocated
9:34 PM - Queen of carrot flowers: Also yes
9:34 PM - Queen of carrot flowers: I am cheating on u
9:34 PM - Queen of carrot flowers: And u r cheating on me
9:34 PM - Queen of carrot flowers: U have a gf
Mastrej loves me even though he says he doesn't

Hi I'm zaboomafoo
I play a lot of demo (broke 1000 hours on 11/12)
I occasionally play other classes but I've never found any other class as fun as demo
Don't add me if you're trying to scam me out of my unusual or any other item, it will literally never work I guarantee you.

Although it doesn't seem like some people take me very seriously sometimes, which I can sympathize with, what I do want to say is I do appreciate every connection I'm able to build within this community as well as the opportunities which I'm given.

Stream link

A lot of people who I'd like to shoutout (all the coolest people):

Panomonium (both iterations 6s and HL)
Loom (you are one crazy dude)
Pancake-Waffle Rifle
Tom (ur bad)
SmAk (ur too good)
Poseidon (ur also too good)
Hi-Chew Crew
ErA (all of your guy's team pretty much)
Genesis (iron and steel iterations)
Careless leading a highlander team (godly)
altair (rasta ronald)
Spirit (you goofster gafster)
Alex.exe (fattest demo and pocket in existence)
ThecoolestofSp0ts (impropah)
Oppebo (still the best scout in the game don't deny it ever again op)
Styles (Bset friend)

Thx for keeping the community, as well as my own experience with tf2, great :D

Team History

UGC Highlander
S18 NA Iron HL: Business Up Front - Party In the Back (All-class sub) Record: 4-4
S19 NA Iron HL: Boxxy Boyz (Demoman) Record: 4-2 (Died)
S20 NA Steel HL: Cooking Bakas (Demoman) Record: 5-3
S21 NA Silver HL: Bumberbees (Demoman sub) Record: 3-4 (before I left)
S21 NA Steel HL: Careless's Capitalists (Demoman) Record: 5-3
S22 NA Silver HL: G1 Gangsters (Demoman for only 2 weeks, team died) Record: 0-3
S22 NA Steel HL: Panomonium HL (Medic for last 4 weeks) Record: 3-5
S23 NA Silver HL: Ace 9s (Sub Demoman) Record: 9-3 (3rd)
S25 NA Silver HL: B&H (Sub Demoman) Record: 5-2

UGC 6s
S21 NA Iron 6s: -AA- Batteries (I never talked with this team, but I was their sub supposedly) Record: 3-5
S21 NA Iron 6s: Genesis (Demoman for the last week of the season) Record: 6-3
S22 NA Steel 6s: Panomonium (Demoman for first 3 weeks) Record (before I left): 0-3
S22 NA Steel 6s: Uber Drivers (Demoman for last 2 weeks) Record: 5-2
S23 NA Silver 6s: Hi-Chew Crew (Demoman) Record: 3-4
S24 NA Platinum 6s: Emergence6s (Leader/Demoman) Record: 4-4
S25 NA Silver 6s: THICC BOIS (Demoman) Record: 10-0 (undefeated, won silver)
S27 NA Silver 6s: Crunch Club (Demoman) Record: 3-3

UGC 4s
S11 NA Steel 4s: Lange Special (Demoman) Record: 4-4

S25 ESEA Open: Pancake Waffle-Rifle (Sub Demoman) Record: 8-8
^ Officially listed as cheerleader, hell yea
S26 ESEA Open: Team Frantic (Demoman) Record: 10-6 (so close to playoffs)
S27 ESEA Open: Team Frantic (Demoman) Record: 10-6 (playoffs, 12th seed)
S2 TFCL 6s - idk (Leader/Demoman) Record: 6-4

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3,559 hrs on record
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last played on Sep 19
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