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Some info:
A few rules, what you should do to not get blocked:
I have blocked exactly 340 people for now (mainly scammers & lowballers)

1.Read descriptions
Not reading descriptions = lowballing = block
If you found my trade anywhere, at 100% there's a description. Read it.
If you can't understand notes, I'm here to explain it - add me.

Some chat log to show you what I'm talking about - lowballer of a year
Me: Hey, can I help you?
Rinjinjoy: hello
Rinjinjoy: i'm selling taunts
Rinjinjoy: interested?
Me: Sure
Me: Do you know the prices btw?
Rinjinjoy: yes
<talking about which ones he'd like to sell>
Rinjinjoy: 36 ref
Me: You mean 26?
Rinjinjoy: lol
Rinjinjoy: why 26?
Me: You said you know the prices
Rinjinjoy: yes I'll check in backpack
Me: I mean my prices, not prices.... did I ever say I'm buying for prices?
Rinjinjoy: did I ever said I'm sell for your price?
Me: You add me to sell something and saying you're not selling for my price? XDDD
Rinjinjoy: don't waste my time

2.Don't try to scam me
Just don't waste my time.
It's boring already.

3.Don't invite me to ANY group, play etc.
Invite me to group or play = kick from friends

4.Don't ask to give you anything for free
"You're rich and i'm poor" ("I'm Russian" too) is not an argument to give you anything.
I'm not Caritas. Behaviour like this = block

This one killed me:
R.E.C.O.N: Hey bro i know its been a long time u most likely dont remember me but may i please have ur crappy cs go skins i just came back
Me: Sure, they're all for sale actually
R.E.C.O.N: No, like I want things you don't need.
Me: I don't need any of them, I don't play CS. They're for sale.
R.E.C.O.N: But I don't have anything except TF2 metal
Me: That's all I want. I'll sell you any of these 3 cents for 3 scrap metals.
R.E.C.O.N: Screw you
<Unfriended me and blocked>

5.If you add me just don't be a dick like this one:
FoxyPussyDestroyer -_-(G.E.W.P.): trade me
FoxyPussyDestroyer -_-(G.E.W.P.) has accepted your request to trade
<Now he cancelled the trade, probably because of steam bug>
FoxyPussyDestroyer -_-(G.E.W.P.): oh no
FoxyPussyDestroyer -_-(G.E.W.P.): it took 20 min
FoxyPussyDestroyer -_-(G.E.W.P.): wow
FoxyPussyDestroyer -_-(G.E.W.P.): fucker
FoxyPussyDestroyer -_-(G.E.W.P.) is Offline.

About me:

Basic info:
Do you like deals with me? Leave +rep. Thanks!
Blocking adds from private profiles and trade banned people.
I tend not to accept trade holds, but if you offer a good deal it might go through!

I don't delete any -rep
Do a research in my Steam comments. I don't delete any of them if they're really deserved.

I try to accept offers INSTANTLY
I'm not a 24/7 bot. Trying to check for a new offers at least once an hour.
If I'm already online and didn't accept your offer, try to add me - bigger chance I'll see it.
If I didn't accept your offer within 1 day I probably can't do this because of trading being down or no Internet connection

Item overpay
I always accept:
- 1 ref overpay if my item is listed for less than 8 ref
- 3 ref overpay of items listed for 8 ref and over
- for items listed for over 12 ref, I always add overpay price in notes
- minimum 10% unusual overpay (up to 40% for really bad offers)
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Misaka Mikoto Aug 18 @ 7:48am 
I noticed you declined my request for your Unusual Minigun and I'd like to ask. Would you do 18 keys pure on it?
Nitro_Kill Aug 17 @ 5:17am 
added for ur Orbiting Fire Brain-Warming Wear .
-=| Hampman |=- Jul 25 @ 8:12am 
Added for ur Kill a watt Tundra
Added to discuss strange scattergun!
¼ ì♥♫ May 22 @ 10:50am 
Added to negotiate with Unusual Hard Counter: Circling Heart.
streak1 May 20 @ 9:21am 
+rep flexible trader