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Unlocked Jul 20, 2019 @ 6:55am

So, that happened

Get your ass handed to you by the AI Bots
Unlocked Nov 24, 2019 @ 6:46am


In “Bomb Tag”, pass the bomb right before it explodes
Unlocked Jul 20, 2019 @ 6:59am


Finish a match with the towers forming a stairway
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 4:41pm

Your Own Hand

Kill a player with his own chainsaw in "Chainsaw Backstab"
Unlocked Jul 20, 2019 @ 6:56am

Mutator Wheel

Pick two mutators in the same match.

You’re it!

Pass the bomb 200 times in “Bomb Tag”
0 / 200

It’s raining death

Last 25 seconds in “Falling Blocks”
0 / 25

Victory by paint

Paint 4000 tiles in “Color Craze”
282 / 4,000

Sweet Tooth

Chomp down 50 candies in “Sugar Rush”
0 / 50


Eat a candy right when it spawns in “Sugar Rush”

Are you even trying

Finish a round of “Color Craze” without any tile of your color

Last call

Win during sudden death

Never mind sharing

In a 4 player “Sugar Rush” match, be the only one to eat a candy

Old school

Set up a LAN game with 3 other friends

Show off

Win an online match where your score is greater than the sum of all the other players

Triple scare

Kill 3 players with a single scream in “Ghost Scare”

Long shot

Get a kill from the other side of the level in “Jump Shot”

That guy

Push everybody around in a “Falling Blocks” game

King of the hat

Wear the hat for 100 seconds in “Hat Chase”
0 / 100

Trigger happy

Shoot 100 bullets in “Jump Shot”
0 / 100

Boo hoo!

Scare 50 players in “Ghost Scare”
0 / 50


Grab the hat 5 times in a “Hat Chase” game


In “Jump Shot” shoot an enemy bullet with your own bullet

Ground Destroyer

Fizzle 200 tiles in "Fizzle Floor"
57 / 200

Mountain Goat

Climb 300 platforms in "Vertigo"
2 / 300


Clash your chainsaw 80 times in "Chainsaw Backstab"
6 / 80


Clean up 100 splatters in "Cleanup Crew"
0 / 100

Watch Out

Detonate 30 rockets in "Rocket Run"
0 / 30

Easier Said Than Done

Reach the finish line in "Speed Run"


Climb 50 rows in a single round of "Vertigo"

Jan Itor

Clean up more than half the surface in "Cleanup Crew"


Kill 3 players with the rocket explosion while it’s targeting you in "Rocket Run"


Win a round of "Fizzle Floor" after all the tiles have disappeared


Win a round of "Color Craze" with more tiles than the other players combined

That Covers It

Play a round of each game mode

The Modifier

Publish a mod in the Steam Workshop

Almost There

Run 30.000 Steps in "Speed Run"
157 / 30,000


Jump over the ball in "Spike Ball"


Jump and land on a safe patch of ground at the very last second in "Shifty Ground"

That's Pretty Amazing

Kill yourself with your own bullet in "Heavy Bullets"

Start Already!

Toggle "Ready/Not Ready" for a total of 1000 times in multiple online lobbies.
1 / 1,000

Heaviest Of Bullets

Shoot 100 bullets in "Heavy Bullets"
0 / 100

Bouncy Ball

Bounce the ball 500 times against the walls in "Spike Ball".
0 / 500

Ground Shift

Have the ground shift to death tiles 70 times in "Shifty Ground".
0 / 70

Godly Beam

Kill 2 players with a single shot in “God Gun”

You're The Boss

As a player, deal more damage than all the other players combined in “Boss Fight”


As the boss, win the round with -over- 90% of your health in “Boss Fight”

Close Call

Avoid the beam in the very last second in “God Gun”


Succesfully acomplish a jetpack dunk in “Hoops"

From Afar

Score 3 long-shots in a single round of “Hoops”

Boss Killer

Kill 10 bosses in "Boss Fight"
2 / 10

Laser Digging

Destroy 100 ground tiles in "God Gun"
0 / 100

At Least You Tried

Throw the ball 100 times in "Hoops"
1 / 100

Loot Thief

Steal from 3 players in a match of "Loot Grab"

Mind Killer

Kill 3 other characters in a single round of "Mind Control"


Play a round of "Loot Grab" with "Ronny", the pirate character

All That Treasure

Gather 1000 golden tokens in "Loot Grab"
0 / 1,000

Futurama Theorem

Swap minds 100 in total in "Mind Control"
0 / 100


Create 7 static orbs in one round of “Static Bounce”

Super Hot

Survive until there are over 150 bullets on screen in a round of “Super Hot”

Not a bright idea

Escape a bomb that’s as big as the entire level in “Detonation Zone”


Build 200 tiles in total in "Building Blocks"
0 / 200

Energy Supplier

Be responsible for the creation of 100 orbs in total in "Static Bounce"
12 / 100

Lotsa Bombs

Drop 100 bombs in total in "Detonation Zone"
0 / 100

Bullet Influencer

Influence the speed of 100 bullets in total in "Super Hot"
47 / 100

Stairway To Heaven

Survive 30 seconds of stairway building fun in “Building Blocks”