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I bought S2Engine a long while ago (2016, 2-3 months after release), but I refunded it due to performance issues. I was a heavy user of Unity back then and still am today. I have experience with many other game engines and frameworks, including Flash, HaxeFlixel, HaxePunk, PhaserJS, NeoAxis, Unreal, and BGE just to name a few. My favorite engine has been Unity for a long time, and I don't really see myself moving away from it anytime soon, but I'm always open to trying new things and keeping an eye on the competition for that matter.

In 2016, S2Engine was unusable, so I refunded it after about a hour just trying to make it work. I had just upgraded from a 750 Ti to a 1060, and I was surprised to see the engine's scene editor was like 2 fps, and the play mode made it to maybe 5 fps if I was lucky.

Many years later, the engine had been at its all time lowest price, $4 USD, so I figured why not give it another go. I'm surprised it's as good as it is. I've barely used it, so I'll update my review as I use it more, but from what I can tell, it's a very competent game engine with some really nice terrain editing tools and good demo projects to get you started. The framerate on my 1060 is a steady 50-60 fps on the default zombie scene from the demo projects (in play mode), and on my 3080 Ti, it's basically off the charts, never seeing anything lower than 300 fps. That's pretty good considering how complex the scene is.

The water in the zombie project looks fantastic. It has shoreline foam, ocean scale rendering, and underwater effects! Great staple for any engine. The water, however, isn't straightforward to edit. I'll have to watch tutorials in order to figure that out. I think it might be part of the scene settings somewhere. Regardless, it's definitely worth $4 just to toy with this stuff.

Some room is available for improvement:

Scene editor takes a poop sometimes for no apparent reason. You have to wait 2-3 minutes for it to think about what it's doing and then it works itself out, but then you can undo whatever was done. In my case, I was using the terrain ramp tool on a dirt track in the race demo scene where the player car object was, and when I raised the terrain, the scene editor froze for 2 minutes to figure out where to move everything. When it was done being stupid, the edit I made was totally bizarre and the player was well below the terrain.

The demo projects aren't really well designed for any purpose. They don't act as good starting points for much of anything. The default two projects are a race scene and a first person shooter zombie scene. The race scene isn't even a race. It's just a drive-around scene with a dirt track, and it has awful sound effects. It has a minimal GUI/HUD, but it really doesn't do you any favors. Perhaps it could help a new user figure out how the GUI works? I think a better racing demo project would go a long way to sell the engine and teach new users best practices.

I can't seem to find any info on whether or not S2 Engine supports VR. The closest I can find to confirmation is this post from 2018 that says VR and character generation are planned for 2019: https://steamcommunity.com/app/443970/discussions/0/1732090362048436125/
The character and VR DLCs aren't anywhere to be found, so I assume these features are taking a lot longer than planned to implement. I think the lack of VR support is the primary reason to stay away from the engine in my book. Half my life is centered around VR and mixed reality, so not having that in this engine definitely hurts my ability to use the engine for my most fun projects.

My overall impression so far is that it's a good engine with some very promising built-in features to help new indie developers jump into the scene. I would pay $4 for this again. Is it worth full price? Well, Unity and Unreal are both free to get into but have royalties after a certain project margin, while S2Engine doesn't have royalties at all. They have a Patreon you can use to show further support if you want to, and there are DLCs for the engine which are 100% optional. I say get the engine on sale for sure. It's the price of a McDonalds kids meal. Everything else, well, that's up to you. I'm a pro Unity user, so I probably won't switch to S2Engine for any big projects, but it's definitely fun to toy with, and I'm probably going to put a few hours into it every now and then just to learn the workflow.
Posted January 4.
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Honestly, this is a simple, casual RTS that's free. It should be an easy recommendation, but it has a major flaw. Fix the distance the player can travel. Some maps are completely in favor of the AI and unbeatable because you can't travel to the AI nodes but they can travel to you.

Here are some other ideas for improvement that are not necessary but would be cool:
1. Add some more optional complexity to the maps. Perhaps add collapsing nodes as a kind of trap/obstacle.
2. Add Twitch channel points integration to let viewers sabotage you.
3. Add bigger ships that you can build by toggling to slower production mode on a node. The bigger ships could be harder to destroy and travel slightly farther. They could also colonize nodes slightly faster and produce their own drones. Might even be a good idea to call these ships "colonizers."
4. Liv mixed reality integration or at least a good spectator view that isn't just the FPV. Helps sell the game... even though it's free. lol
Posted December 19, 2021.
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This is best compared to Touring Karts, another Mario Kart-esque arcade kart racing game for VR. I'll list the pros and cons of each game for you here...

Pros of Dash Dash World:

1. Beautiful and highly animated maps. Great theming on every map.
2. Decent wheel support. I used a Logitech G29 and had minimal issues.
3. The drifting and drafting mechanics are really good, and the gameplay feels exciting all the time, even when it shouldn't.

Cons of Dash Dash World:

1. Maps don't change elevation dynamically. If you're looking for this kind of effect in your racing maps, go with Touring Karts.
2. The menu system is broken and has debug text shown in some places.
3. The game has a lot of odd behaviors that aren't necessarily broken but could be done a lot better. For example, loading screens show comics to the side of you instead of in front of you. And those same comic screens are what lets you know it's done loading. Otherwise, you're staring at a black void, wondering when the game will start.

Pros of Touring Karts:

1. It's cheaper and a lot of people get it through Viveport Infinity or via game bundles. It has a larger playerbase because of this.
2. The input options are a little more versatile, and the presentation of the input options on the start of the game is nice. Wheel support is also fine in this title.
3. The maps move and change as you're driving. You get areas of the map changing into tilts rather than flat land. I don't really see this affecting races much, but it's a cool effect.

Cons of Touring Karts:

1. Visuals are pretty awful. A lot of low poly geometry and almost nothing of interest to look at.
2. Very limited gameplay elements compared to other arcade kart racing games. Power-ups feel too basic a lot of the time, and when they aren't too basic, they're too unwieldy. Most players didn't bother using the projectile power-ups in my experience.
3. Very dull map designs/layouts. Nothing strikes me as exciting or interesting except the changing elements.
4. No effort put into theming or storytelling at all. No lore. No interesting characters.

Dash Dash World is worth the $20, and you probably won't regret the purchase, but know about the problems before going into it. It's crazy glitchy on the menus but seems fine during the actual races, where it matters most. The game is a blast, and I highly recommend it even to players of Touring Karts.
Posted December 15, 2021.
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I 100%'d everything in less than 55 minutes, and that includes checking out the night version of every scene and trying to go places I wasn't allowed and as a result having to restart the game to get back to the home level. I also noticed some game-ending glitches that required a restart of the game to fix. For example, if you fall off the map, it doesn't reset you, and the pause menu will not follow your space, so you cannot interact with the pause menu while falling in order to load another level. Another glitch I had to restart over was when I load home level while handling an animal, my hands get unloaded and will not come back.

Overall, the game just isn't much of a game at all. It's barely a toy experience. It has few objectives, of which none are challenging at all, and VR interaction is at its minimum here. The fishing is pretty basic, just a wait til it shakes and yank it out kind of thing but again, not at all challenging. No level has any repetitive tasks or a good gameplay loop at all. Catching the fishes seemed like it could be fun... if it was less RNG and more skill-based with fishing holes to find and baits to find and match up. Petting was just the most basic hover your hand near the animal and see heart particles thing. There's almost nothing else aside from some plants that grow using a watering can - the grow animation is quite nice if a bit simple - but there was one good toy in the whole thing: a RC car that required you to interact with its controller with both hands. It was simply the most interesting mechanic in the whole game, but unfortunately, there's not much to use that mechanic on. Pets/animals will fetch balls and will eat foods and will chase the rc car, but everything feels pretty shallow overall.

Don't buy this. Don't even get it on sale. If it's part of a bundle at some point, sure, get it, and give it a fair try, but don't think for a second that this game is worth $5 let alone $15 USD.
Posted December 1, 2021.
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It took me 6 hours to beat the base run of the game and its final boss, Nidhogg. That 6 hours was sometimes frustrating, but it was also insanely fun. It never got boring and rarely felt tedious. There are a lot of things I don't yet know about this game at 6 hours, but what I do know is I want to keep playing it. It's also part of the Humble Choice monthly bundle for November, so why not finally get it after all this time! It's so cheap it's a steal.
Posted November 9, 2021.
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Early Access Review
Very grindy but in a fun way! One of the best VR coop dungeon crawlers! Perhaps requires too beefy a rig to play smoothly, though! Very rough on a 1060 (6GB) but runs smooth on a 3080 Ti of course. lol

If you think your rig is powerful enough, get this game.
Posted October 28, 2021.
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A good MMORPG for both casuals and serious players, offering no login bonuses or other incentives to play regularly but also rewarding for the time you've spent.

1. No sign-in bonus. No motivators to play less rather than more on certain days aside from events happening at specific times like in most MMOs.
2. Combat is actually engaging and fun. Character builds are somewhat diverse and the game rewards you for thinking in advance about your chosen skill set and weapons and gear.
3. Foliage is in abundance and there are tons of collectibles, tons of resources to collect. Lots to waste time on and lots of lush scenery.

1. Twitch exclusive skin drops sometimes, which is obnoxious.
2. Next to no verticality. This is tough to explain, but while there's cliffs to jump off, they don't really hurt you enough to warrant going around them or be careful in any way. Very little fall damage. Jumping sucks, but you can climb a tiny bit.
3. Factions feel bland and uninteresting. Most faction missions are repetitive and serve no plot point.
4. The plot is boring and told in the most boring way possible. The intro of the game is decent in this regard but almost nothing after that is even remotely the same narrative experience.
5. The foliage and other visual elements of the game come at great cost. The game is not optimized at all for lower end hardware and you'll be lucky to run the game at a smooth framerate even at lowest settings. (I tried it with a 3080 Ti and 3900X and the framerate was all over the place and highest settings produced undesirable visual effects on terrain. The game clearly needed another year of optimizations. lmao
Posted October 24, 2021.
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TLDR: The game is way too casual to ever be fun, and it looks pretty dated.

So much is given to you. You start the game already able to do fantastic things. Minutes into the game and you already have mounts, jetpacks, jetpack jumps, gliders, several unlocked skills, multiple gems, tons of armor item upgrades, and even secondary weapons and upgrades for them. It's actually a bit of information overload, and it's making the game's grind way less rewarding.

The quests are too easy and too frequent. You can sometimes accidentally complete 7 quests all at the same time. Look at my time at the time of this review. I've already completed over 200 quest objectives (I counted them after the first 5-6 of them). No exaggeration. It's that bad. Rewards for said quests are also way too rewarding for how little effort was put into them. You get multiple weapon upgrades every few minutes. It's stupid. Unfortunately, sometimes, you can be stuck on one quest for 20 minutes because too many players are attacking monsters in the area. I spent most of my time in a single area trying to get the second of 10 kills, but I was unable to complete this quest because people were farming everything there and there's no load-balancing for the monsters. While that's a challenge, it's also an annoyance.

Combat is pretty basic MMO fare. You don't have very much range, so the ranged character classes are mostly pointless. No aim required either, making those classes even more pointless. The attacks are either AOE, target-specific, or penetrating and can be augmented as you unlock skill points. I unlocked a lot in a very short time, which was very disappointing. I wanted to have to work for my skills, but that wasn't really a thing. On top of that, most skills boil down to about the same thing on bigger enemies, so it becomes a right-click-til-on-cooldown kind of routine.

You can auto-run everywhere. You can glide in most areas. Most enemies will not auto-attack you unless you walk right into them. This game is casual mobile trash.
Posted October 20, 2021.
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Really love this game! Timing feels good, and the physical activity at top difficulty is sometimes pretty intense.

The overall feeling of this game is that of a badass shooter akin to Audica but less music-themed and more action-driven. Music is enjoyable and doesn't distract from the experience.

You spend most of the game shooting various drones and avoiding moving walls and other obstacles. Some of the obstacles are very creative with some learning curve involved but not crazy difficult to figure out. There's not really a tutorial. You just learn as you go. Each level increases in difficulty and complexity, and new enemies and types of obstacles and enemy patterns are added over time. Everything fits into the game's scifi aesthetic, though it never really explains why you're in that cart in the first place. lol

The controls are too simplistic at times and feel a bit less thought out than I'd like. Some gesture control for reloading, for example, made me wonder if I was gesturing the right way for many stages. After a while, I just concluded that the reload mechanic is a bit borked and relies on you having 0 ammo. Oh well. Not really a big deal here. This ironically promotes a desire for ammo pick-ups.

Overall, it's a great experience, and I plan to revisit it every month or so for a mixed reality stream. The fact that Liv support was added makes it even better. Dev seems dedicated to the game but I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a one-and-done project because of low sales. Show this developer support and buy the game! And spread the word!

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Posted September 14, 2021. Last edited September 14, 2021.
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