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+rep very good player :csgoct:
L A K U S H 14.8. kello 13.45 
+rep, insane player with cz, most competitive comp i ever had...
PapaOogie 7.8. kello 21.29 
Bro Did you know there is a bot to trade your cases for keys? Any 6 cases for one cs go key
Bot's link in my profile
benis 12.7. kello 12.13 
Hi I'm Frost blitz looking to meet new people or in this case ponies, anthro or curries, I'm hybrid pony/dragon and I to as anthro or feral which ever you decide. I do rp so if your into E/RP which consist of long term, short, story or for bit of fun *winks at ladies* give me add and comment and hopefully we chat soon.
benis 12.7. kello 12.13 
add me if u want a strong alpha male who goes to the gym once a day before work and works as a data scientist in a top500 company. MUST BE CUTE, FEMBOY, TRANS, OR TRAP. must have NO DADDY ISSUES. must be FROM THE UNITED STATES. add me.
SCHOKK 2.6. kello 11.10 
Hi you can take 50 coins with my promo "MIX18" in this site {LINKKI POISTETTU} ( dota-skins .com ). Dont needed deposit for withdraw!