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:sniperskull:About myself:sniperskull:

╔✪ Name: Sypher
╠✪ Nametags: Sypher, SypherRed, ExT Sypher, SypherEverage
╠✪ Age: 33
╠✪ Languages: German, English
╠✪ Occupation: rtd. Programmer (C+, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, Pascal, NodeJS)
╠✪ Hobby's: DJ'ing, Maochi Karate, Graphic Design, Gaming, Modding
╚✪ Projects: ExoduS-Services (ExN, ExT, ExG), System ExoduS (SE)

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:sniperskull:Games that i used to play:sniperskull:

☢ GTA5 (Social Club)
☢ League of Legends (NA, EUW, PBE)
☢ Black Desert Online (Web Edition)
☢ Final Fantasy XIV (Web Edition)
☢ Rust
☢ Borderlands 2, 3
☢ World of Warcraft (
☢ Warcraft 1, 2, 3 (
☢ AoE 2 (HD and Definitive) & 3
☢ ArmA3
☢ ARK: Survival Evolved
☢ Monster Hunter World / Iceborn
☢ HotS
☢ R6:S
☢ Runescape Oldschool / 3 (Maxed Out since 20/07/2020
☢ CoD: MW Warzone

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:sniperskull:Community's i'm in:sniperskull:

System Exodus []
▶ ExoduS Trupp/ExoduS Network, ExoduS Services

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116 Hours played
Okay hear me out on this one
The moment I'm writing this Review, I've played Conan Exiles for more than 50h in 6 Days and can already tell you something about it that might come in handy for your choice of purchasing it or your own thoughts about this game.

My first Steps

I've started playing Conan Exiles with a friend of mine on a Official PVE Server (#1300 EU) which was filled with basically just Russians. I've played a lot of Rust and ARK, so I'm used to foreign language and the Gameplay I eventually had to face by playing Conan Exiles.
Anyways, one particual Russian greeted me in the Global Chat and told me the basics as well as how to get Thralls and the usage of the Obelisks and Portal Rooms.

Soon enough he again greeted me with the following words: " Welcome to Conan of the Buggy Exiles !"
After that, I noticed a lot of Bugs and Glitches - whatever - the Game and the Server faced.

The most common Bugs/Glitches you eventually need to deal with

1. Unreal Engine 4 Errors
2. Desyncs or Delays in the Environment
3. Falling through Foundations (happens most of the time if you log out while on a foundation)
4. Followers won't react to commands and stand still for a while
5. Followers randomly act like they pooed in their Pants
6. Heavy Attacks that dash forward (ex. 1-handed sword) can dash through you
7. Environmental Creatures randomly despawn or spawn infront of you
8. Unconscious Thralls despawn visually by using Portal Rooms but are still attached to your Bindings
9. Moving stackable Items in the Inventory of your Follower removes 1 Unit of it (ex. moving 100 Units of Soup in their inventory from a space to another removes 1 Soup = 99 then)
10. The Game Language changes rarely to another language even if you did not change anything at all
11. Any Follower (Thrall, Creature) of deyaced Bases will still be present even if there is no Foundation left (ex. they will float in the air)
12. You can "claim" Monuments or Chest Locations by just building there. (ex. Crocodile Chest at G1 is claimed by a Base Owner)
13. There is no Map Wipe which will decrease after some time the Performance (High and Big Bases will sooner or later decrease your performance and increase your Entity Loading Time) More info here []

Would I recommend it?

After writing all this down, I'm still sure that I will continue playing Conan Exiles, not only due to playing it with friends - no - I also like the System about how to get Followers and the grind aspect.
Sure you need to figure out a lot and sometimes plan your ressources such as your Skill Points after you've reached Level 60, but it is doable and I like the Gameplay.

If you're fine with facing all these or some of these Bugs and also eventually played Rust or Ark before, this Game should be another one in your Library. I wouldn't recommend buying these DLC's since they're mostly cosmetic.

What would I change?

1. Map Wipes on Official Servers to increase the performance again and allow others to build somewhere else. (every 2-3 Months is fine tho)
2. Fixing a lot of Bugs and Glitches that were already reported multiple times.
3. Add Gold Ores too

Thank you for reading my Review to the Game Conan "of the Buggy" Exiles!

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