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Valkyrie's Shade is a Phantom Assassin set, for the Spring 2020 and TI 2020 Calls to Arms

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1,215 ratings
Created by - Sylei
Kurumi Tokisaki Jun 18 @ 9:28pm 
how u only lv 17 in game but developing sets Lol
Rooster Jun 8 @ 9:16pm 
bro that PA set is straight ♥♥♥ no cap
Kurumi Tokisaki Jun 6 @ 5:12pm 
I guess Valve relaxed their restrictions on showing female chests, eh?
Lipe Mar 14 @ 2:37pm 
Nice set DK men
Mr.Крыска ИЗ NAVI Feb 21 @ 9:50am 
чувак зайди в доту
Golden mean Mar 3, 2019 @ 11:25am 
классные сеты