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Say hello to the new forefront of the Protectorate! Fiercely loyal, the Mauskin strive to be a formidable force aga
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Created by - DrPvtSkittles
Crazy_chicken May 25 @ 7:58am 
Added to trade
DrPvtSkittles May 25 @ 6:21am 
Sorry buddy I dont do farmables.
Giant Underpants May 25 @ 5:08am 
I would subscribe.
Giant Underpants May 25 @ 5:07am 
Could you make a mod that adds "slime" farm beasts, like the slimes in slime rancher? You could get plorts from them, to sell or craft with slime eggs to make mutated slimes.
DrPvtSkittles May 22 @ 8:58pm 
Its on the list!
CrazyCasey100 May 22 @ 3:51pm 
Little mod suggestion, can you make a black and white matter manipulator mod? I'm just asking.