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The Modder's Best Friend

This is a race, a ship, and much much more.

This mod should be compatible with all other cheat mods.

This mod is basically an expansion of the The Lazy Modder's Bag. It features the Modkin, a race of blank humanoid
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Created by - DrPvtSkittles

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DrPvtSkittles 2 hours ago 
biekgirl 3 hours ago 
uhhh wel im boroing from my brother. is that why i can't coment?
DrPvtSkittles 3 hours ago 
Potentially stupid question, do you own Starbound on steam?
biekgirl 3 hours ago 
i know but how do i coment? i don't have the opsion.
DrPvtSkittles 5 hours ago 
If you are talkin about this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2070856005&searchtext=+Law+Enforcement+ you can scroll down and comment
biekgirl 5 hours ago 
true that. but first how do i post a coment in steam. the Law Enforcement mod as problems but i dunno how to coment on the page. i see no coment opsion. its a bug that breaks the missions and he/she needs to know. so he/she can fit it. (if he/she wants to of course)