Jeffery Blocker   Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Ahh... Kos... Or... Some say Kosm...
"What can I say? I'm just a very lucky guy... I'm sure some of it will rub off on you. -Ace Visconti


Thanks for stopping by my profile! If you're looking at this you're either seeing me in Dead by Daylight lobbies or, the more preferable, coming in from my art! Likely my wide assortment of IMSCARED fanart, as I freakin' worship that game. I play a lot of Tower Unite, Dead by Daylight, and other stuff so I'm not exactly the coolest guy out there. But hey, I am the luckiest guy.

Emotes: :blight: :deadweight: :sacrificed: :thehook: :theskull: :thetrap: :whiteward: :dshound: :dsmagic: :dswilson: :DSTghost: :DSTskull: :DSTtophat: :gmod: :hintlord: :percy: :rickweeks: :boomer: :health: :tank: :witch: :switch: :ManOnFire: :Miller: :Quiet: :VSnake: :dragon2: :re7med: :alarm: :shells: :2: :TunaCan: :jarate: :think_bb: :2016villain: :yikes: :empirecross:
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I have arrived.
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What. a. G.
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>>3 months later
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I made it myself
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Keep on rockin' in the free world!