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[02:43:05] <oPlaiD`> yo it's me samuel gaming god lingles where the fuck are u faggots at
[02:43:13] <oPlaiD`> i need my dick sucked
[02:43:14] <oPlaiD`> stat
[02:43:15] <drdonutman> can u give me lessons?
[02:43:29] <oPlaiD`> ya suck my dick and i'll give u a few pro-tips
[02:43:30] <oPlaiD`> u lil bitch
[02:43:57] <REP-> I can spot a fake sam lingle
[02:43:59] <REP-> in a SECOND
[02:44:08] <REP-> lingle would never ask to get his dick sucked
[02:44:12] <REP-> he just gets it DONE
[02:44:24] <oPlaiD`> bullshit im the real deal the og people have paid me to play tf2
[02:44:27] <oPlaiD`> im a legend
[02:44:36] <purplescented> lol
[02:45:46] <dl> sounds like hong
[02:47:03] |<-- smash_ has left irc.gamesurge.net (Ping timeout)
[02:47:35] <drdonutman> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/641/cpgravelpit0010.jpg/
[02:48:45] |<-- testify has left irc.gamesurge.net (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[02:48:52] <oPlaiD`> i dont give a FUuUUUCK son
[02:49:00] <oPlaiD`> how the fuck is that suppose to get my dick sucked
[02:49:07] <oPlaiD`> fucgk ime heated
[02:49:19] <dl> donut thats my gpit c defense
[02:49:21] <eMg|enoryt> tf2.pug.na meeting happenign right now
[02:49:27] <eMg|enoryt> dallas2 red
[02:49:31] <oPlaiD`> u just got added to my shit list donut
[02:49:38] <oPlaiD`> can't wait to choke uf the fuckkout man
[02:49:40] -->| testify (~chatzilla@S01060018e7c648cd.va.shawcable.net) has joined #tf2.pug.na
[02:49:43] =-= Mode #tf2.pug.na +v testify by TF2CompanionBot
[02:49:43] <drdonutman> oh my god
[02:49:49] <drdonutman> the gaming god has rejected me
[02:49:54] <oPlaiD`> im samuel lingle that's a ufcking guarantee

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Thursday, October 24, 2013
6:11 PM - AG +.bl4nk.: i'm gay

[pfN] big blue: lol i smoke weed

[IRC] JumpIT : BQE: ctapping is for fags
[IRC] JumpIT : PwnerJohn: that is correct
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