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aye   Queensland, Australia
Comment down below why you're adding me before sending a request

Do not invite me to groups unless i have you added, or else i'll block you.

My trade link, do not spam or make stupid offers:
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Hi!, My name is Swiftzz, Here's some info:

-Comment down below before you add me or i wont accept your friend request.

-Favourite Games: H1Z1, CS:GO

-If you would like to trade with me, i will only take/trade items that are profit towards me

-Do NOT waste your time scammers, as i know all the tricks and lies.

-I'm currently an Admin on KZG Jailbreak, Join here [killzonegaming.com]

-Here are some of the KZG servers;

[KZG] Jailbreak

[KZG] ScoutzKnivez 24/7

[KZG] Combat Surf

[KZG] Minigames

[KZG] Casual Competitive

[KZG] Easy Surf

[KZG] 1v1 Arena

-I will not accept steam accounts under the steam level of 5!

-Official KZG teamspeak: ts.killzonegaming.com
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Mulder: If you detect a hint of skepticism or incredulity in
Agent Scully's voice, it's because of the overwhelming
evidence gathered by the FBI debunking virtually all
claims of ritual abuse by satanic cults.
Det. Angela White: Is that true?
Mulder: Don't ask me!

"The X-Files: Syzygy"

Mulder: (smiling) The ENIGMATIC Dr. Scully!

"The X-Files: Fallen Angel"
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Good man
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need to ask a question :D
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ncie guy killed him afk sor bb +rep