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Great looking, fun and also very challenging game! Budget Cuts is exactly what I was expecting it to become upon release, already when I played the short demo back in 2016. Although, the graphics and AI has improved a lot since the demo. Here is my first gameplay on the pre-release version I did a few weeks ago:
The stealth teleportation style and feeling is what makes this game so unique and its just phenomenal for a stealth game in VR. Personally, I dont even miss any option for free locomotion. Without spoiling too much, the game really gets challenging and quite difficult after a while, and even if the story might not be deep, its still encouraging to play further. Music and sounds are awesome, and really adds to the atmosphere.

Performance is good on a GTX 1080 Ti and the previous issues that was addressed in the pre-release version are now apparently addressed and fixed (hence the delay of the release).

All in all, definitely one of the best VR games of 2018- Its fun, its beautiful and it has a long story mode - what more do we need? :)

Windows Mixed Reality users:
If you have problems running Budget Cuts on Windows Mixed Reality headsets with SteamVR Beta for WMR, you can check out this tutorial below. I'm not sure if the controller issue for WMR has been fixed yet, but if they have just follow the steps in this video. Also, the motion reprojection for WMR really does a great job in this game, in case your GPU cannot hold a stable framerate.
I will finish this post later with a full review once I played it a couple of more hours.

And yes, I got a free preview copy of Budget Cuts from the developers, but that doesnt affect my opinion.
Posted June 14. Last edited June 14.
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Really fun and beautiful VR fishing game! Its cartoonish but still more serious than Crazy Fishing, and with hopefully more content being added it has huge potential! Love the atmosphere, the interaction and the "feeling" of playing the fishes with the rod - its surprisingly challenging!

Here is my first-impressions video from yesterday with some personal thoughts at the end:

Only played for around 2 hours or so, and I will wait with a full review unti lI played some more and unlocked more content! But for now, I can really recommend this to all fishing fans and casual VR gamers & kids!
And yes I got the game copy for free but it doesnt affect my opinion...

Posted June 7. Last edited June 7.
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After playing for more than 30 minutes into the story, all I can tell is that the Dead Man DLC is a well-made, polished and great looking VR experience just like the original Arizona Sunshine game. For 3 bucks this DLC is a must-have for all AZ owners, just get it now! Dead Man DLC has a a new campaign/story which I played today, check out the gameplay and my initial thoughts:

I will update this review once I played some more..
Posted May 24.
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3.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Now THIS is what I have been waiting for to play in VR! Really an entertaining arcade-style combat flight game with beautiful graphics, immersive flying experience and challenging gameplay. I made a first-look video of my early pre-release gameplay, so if you want to see it in action without reading, check it out here:

Short Review of pre-release version (will update it soon after playing this first public version):

Despite being a big VR Flight Simulator fan, and being used to advanced flight sims for years even long before VR, I can admit I really enjoy this kind of VR arcade flight genre. Worlds At War is really that VR game I have been waiting for. Just jump right into the action, pick a vehicle and enjoy flying around doing dogfight combat against an alien spaceship invasion. Fly military aircrafts, helicopters or even just jump into a military boat. It may sound simple and silly, but in VR it just feels so right!

Graphics & Performance
First off, the graphics are really great looking. The environment feels quite realistic, and the aircraft's and spaceships looks polished and detailed. Even the ocean feels "alive". The developer has obviously put a lot of work into the graphics and I think thats a good decision, because thats one of the main reasons this arcade game feels so good in VR. You have 2 different views while flying, a first person in-cockpit view and a 3rd person view. Both works great but I prefer cockpit view. The cockpits are VERY detailed, all gauges are working and it almost gives you a feeling of a real flight simulator.

You have several graphical settings to chose from, including in-game super-sampling (resolution scale) as well as post-processing, bloom and shadow detail. For best possible sharpness and clarity, I would recommend having the resolution at at least 160-180. Performance was great in the pre-release version, and my GTX 1080 Ti could handle max settings without any problems with perfect frame-rate.

Sound effects as well as the music is pleasing and fits the gameplay, and especially the radio chat in the background adds a lot to the immersion and "feeling" of being in a war-zone.

In the pre-release I only played one mission where my mission was to defend my carrier ship, and its all about getting the highest score staying alive as long as possible and taking down as many space ships as possible. You may call it simple, but I can promise you its much more entertaining than any other wave-based VR game Ive played for a long time.

You start off as a soldier on a carrier, you walk freely around (free locomotion) and you can jump into 3 different vehicles (in the pre-release version at least), an A-10 airplane, Apache Helicopter or a military boat. More vehicles will probably be added later on with updates. Anyway, all these 3 vehicles are quite different, with different weapons and the aircraft is probably the most challenging of them all to maneuver. During the action, you can pick up randomly placed power ups such as new weapons (missiles etc), health, repair, extra vehicles and others. If you crash or get killed in action, you are back on the carrier and can chose a different vehicle.

I only played the game with an X-Box One gamepad, but you can also play with a joystick or mouse and keyboard. Controlling the vehicles feels quite solid, but I would recommend to turn off control assistant in the game options (I forgot to do that in the gameplay video above) because the assistant makes it more difficult to make turns and fast 180's with especially the airplane.

You cant expect much realism from a arcade combat flight game, but still, I never felt that the physics or controls was unrealistic or poor. It just feels a bit simplified - just as expected in an arcade game like this. Aiming is a bit more difficult, especially using the guns with the airplane could be almost frustrating in the beginning, but this also gives you a learning curve and more gameplay hours to really master the weapon mechanics.

Motion Sickness?
None at all, but I have been playing in VR for 2 years now, so Im quite used to it by now.

For the current low price, its really worth a try I think. If you are a fan of combat flight sims and games, and enjoy good graphics and immersion in VR, I'm sure you will have fun playing it!

This short review will be updated soon!
Posted March 9. Last edited March 9.
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1.4 hrs on record
Seriously, I was not expecting this game to be so good looking and immersive! This is exactly what we need more of in VR: Story-driven single player war games with really good graphics and nice level design. Operation Chromite 1950 is far from perfect, its has issues and its short, but I can admit I had a blast playing it. Now I really hope the developers will work hard on this title with more missions, more story etc, because it has huge potential!

Here is my first VR gameplay & review of Operation Chromite 1950:
If you dont want to watch the video, here is a short sum up:

Really awesome, detailed and give you a nice immersion. In intense moments you really feel like being in war. The game is not super-sharp, but if you add at least super sampling of 1.4 or more, it gets crisp enough! The level design is nice as well with good variation!

Sounds effects, gun sounds and background music is good. Nothing fancy, but also nothing to complain about. Your team only speaks in Korean so far. The game needs English voices, but Im sure that will be added with updates.

Story & missions:
The story line feels thin so far, but as its based on the Korean war, I think it has great potential to develop into a deep game. As far as I understand, there are only 4 missions available. 2 of them are the main missions with awesome level design, where you run around freely but in a linear path, killing enemy soldiers and doing some simple tasks. The other 2 missions are more wave-based very similar to the game Overkill VR, where you stand still in a spot and advance to next spot when wave is cleared. There MAY be more missions that Im not aware of, but I couldnt see any more on the mission map. Also, for some reason, the missions are not locked, so you can play any of them in any order. I hope that will change soon, with a more chapter/campaign based gameplay style and with more story-elements in-between. AI on enemies is quite dumb, so I hope it will improve as well.

Weapon handling:
Weapons feels quite good, all are two-handed but aiming is very difficult however. Maybe its some thing you get used to after a while. One of the Rifles was easiest to aim with, so I mostly used that one. There are grenades as well, and they work good but its too easy to throw. You hardly need to make any effort to make them fly far away.
Reloading is semi-manual. When magazine is empty, you get a new mag in your left hand and you simply point it at the weapon and it reloads. Full manual reload would have been more immersive.

We have free locomotion with Vive touch pad (only played it on Vive so far) but you can also teleport by pressing the application button to bring up the teleportation marker and then UP on the touch pad to teleport. Quite weird way to teleport, but yeah it works even if it needs improvement. Free locomotion is only head-orientated, so its not really the Onward style. I hope that will improve as well.

None at all what I could find.

Thats the biggest problem so far. On my GTX 1080Ti and 8700K @4.9Ghz, adding super sampling 1.4 I had a lot of reprojection (Asynchronous) in some areas. It was fully playable but still strange that my PC couldnt handle it. Having Super Sampling on default 1.0 made it better but still not perfect in some heavy intense areas. The game really needs some optimizations in terms of performance, thats for sure.

For 14 dollars its well worth the price. I have paid much more for much poorer VR games so I definitely dont regret it (yes I bought the game and did NOT get it for free). Its short so far, but its fun and immersive. As long as developers keeps updating with new content, you will be pleased for sure.

All in all, a great looking, immersive and entertaining game. And Im so happy it is single player. We have way to many multiplayer games like this already :)

I will update this review when I play more and when more content gets added!
Posted February 9. Last edited February 9.
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3.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Fun and challenging zombie survival fps, and it feels like a mix between Arizona Sunshine and VRZ Torment. Only played the first hour so far, but I enjoyed it all the way through the first chapter.
But there are issues, quite many to be honest. Don't get me wrong, this game has great potential and it IS both scary, immersive and entertaining as promised. But it needs a lot of improvements and some polish to become fully satisfying.

If you would like to check out my first gameplay of SURV1V3 with SuperSampling 2.0, here it comes:
If you dont care about the video, let me give you a more in-deep review below:

Graphics are OK, but personally I find it a bit out-dated compared to many other VR fps we have seen lately. Surv1v3 is an Unreal engine game, and maybe the biggest problem is the blurriness. Image is extremely soft and blurry if you dont add any SuperSampling in Steam, and even with SS 2.0 it still didnt feel much sharper. The character animations feels a bit stiff and the world is somehow not "alive". I dunno, maybe its just me but I was expecting more from a VR game in 2018, especially in terms of graphical quality. Im not saying its bad looking, but its not beautiful either and some things looks just strange. For example, you have an ugly glowing "outline" on the weapons, magazines and other items, even while you are using them.

I could not find any options in the main menu, so for now we cannot change any settings or the level of detail, nor in-game resolution scale or anything, but I assume that may be added soon because the game really NEEDS some options.

Performance was very good though. I had no problems playing it on my GTX 1080 Ti with SS 2.0 even while recording the gameplay at the same time.

Sounds effects and ambient sounds are good, but I miss some kind of atmospheric music in the background. It becomes quite silent most of the time.

Free locomotion works great and its Onward-style using the touchpad. Teleportation is not supported at this moment. You walk quite slowly, and cannot sprint as far as I know, but thats maybe a good idea, and makes the game more challenging. The zombies runs way faster than you walk. But if you are prone to get motion sick I dont think you should worry as I think most people can handle the slow walking speed.

Opponent AI is so-so. Sometimes the zombies feels quite smart. Other times they just stand there and wait to get killed. Sometimes they dont even move or react when you walk upon them and start to chop them with an axe.

I really appreciate a Story-mode (the game mode I played), but you get no introduction at all in first chapter and the story dont tell you much from the beginning. No narrative voice either, like the one we are used to in Arizona Sunshine for example.

The biggest problem though, is the interaction. There are lots of things we can't interact with. For example, I couldnt open any car doors to explore whats inside, some stuff were also not possible to pick up and it breaks a bit of the VR immersion.

Also, the VR mechanics and interaction feels a bit glitchy overall, and some of the things are quite crucial for a VR fps. Lets sum it up:
- Its funny you pick up magazines with trigger button, but other items with the grip button ..?!?
- Weapon/hand alignment to the Vive controllers are off. They point down a bit, so I had to angle the controllers up to compensate while aiming.
- Its difficult to pick up some items from the ground. Sometimes it was just impossible.
- Drilling up door locks with that drilling machine is just frustrating. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. At some point in the beginning I struggled for more than a minute before it worked.
- Weapon holsters are strangely located on your body and its difficult to reach them while in intense moments.
- Pistol magazines can ONLY be holstered on your right side of the hip, and magazines for bigger guns are holstered on the left side. I wonder why? Also you can only holster 2 pistol mags, and 3 rifle mags.
- Realoading is fully manual like in Onward, its a bit tricky in the beginning. The weird magazine holster positions also makes it difficult to reload fast in action.
- Melee weapons dont have any haptic feedback (no vibration). You hit the zombies with the axe and you feel nothing...
- You cannot open a door while holding something in both your hands. You need to put the item down, open the door and then pick it up again, and have in mind some items are not possible to put in your backpack, so you NEED to hold them in your hand.
- You cannot lean over a table for example. You get pushed back. So picking up items from a table can be tricky.
- When you die, you end up in a safe house (save point), and some of your weapons are there to collect again, but some other of your weapons you had, are left on the ground where you died (?!?)

I have not tested co-op multiplayer but Im sure its very fun, probably more entertaining than the single player as well.

All in all, its not a bad game. Its fun, challenging and we have definitely some exciting gameplay hours to enjoy. Judging from the Steam screenshots there seems to be many different locations, so Im sure this game will last for at least a couple of hours or more + we have multiplayer, Horde mode and Survival mode (those modes are coming soon it says in the main menu).

Price is not bad either, and if you are into zombie survival FPS games, especially single player with a story, Im sure you will enjoy it despite the flaws. I had fun at least, and I look forward to play more, but I also look forward to see some of the issues above fixed as well ;)


Note: This review is based of an early SURV1V3 build I got access to from the developers, one day before release.
Posted January 29. Last edited January 29.
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Wow this one has huge potential to become a great VR Mech Simulator! The immersion of walking freely around (free locomotion) and moving your hands/arms with the Vive/Touch controllers is just outstanding. Graphics are not stunning and are more simplified rather than realistic, but I don't see this immersion breaking. Here is my first gameplay video of The IOTA Project to give you an idea:
Short review:

Gameplay is fun an intense, you are fighting mech robots and drones in an arcade-style. You have both heavy rocket weapons and melee weapons and you can also use your fists to fight, pick up objects and throw them around.

Graphics are not beautiful, but still polished and well made. Kind of a cartoonish-feeling into it, but I think it fits the game very good and you still get very immersed while playing this in VR. Adding some SuperSampling (I used 1.4) made the game much sharper, because this is an Unreal Engine game, so at default 1.0 it may look a bit blurry.

Performance is good (I use GTX 1080Ti) but while recording and using SS at 1.4 I get some accasional reprojection and also a few stutters during intense fights and many mechs visible at the same time.

The control system is working very well. You are standing in a Mech Cockpit, using your Vive/Touch controllers to control the arms/hands of the robots. You move freely with free locomotion (not teleportation) with the left hand touchpad/thumbstick. With the right hand touchpad/thumbstick you turn around, and here is something that I dont like. I would rather prefer to turn around my Mech by turning my head/body instead of using touchpad for this.

I dont say its not working good, but it just probably takes some time to get used to, and in the beginning you end up automatically turn around with your head (especially in intense moments) and then you discover that you suddenly look at your cockpit instead of outside. Hope you understand what I mean, its a little bit distracting - at least in the beginning until you get used to it.

Picking up objects works good but you have to hold the grip-button to hold them, otherwise you drop them. It works of course, but I would prefer to simply push grip button once to hold, and push again to release.

All in all, a great game demo and I really look forward to try the full game in future. This Demo is probably aropund 20 minute long, but you can play as many times as possible over and over again of course. I think this game has huge potential as it has both motion controller support, free locomotion and roomscale support, like no other VR Mech game yet as far as I know. And the best part is that its free to try :) Download the Demo and enjoy it!

Great job developers - keep working on this one and Im sure we will love it when its finished! :)
Posted September 8, 2017. Last edited September 8, 2017.
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2.8 hrs on record
I've had high expectations for Don't Knock Twice VR, ever since I played the demo back in 2016. Today I played it for the first time on HTC Vive and I'm very pleased about how good it turned out to be.The graphics, atmosphere and gameplay-style reminds me a lot of Paranormal Activity VR, but in some way more scary. Before you continue reading this review, check out my VR gameplay of the first 40 minutes (beware of spoilers):
Anyway, the game reminds me a lot about Paranormal Activity, putting you into a huge and creepy dark mansion where terrifying things happen. This game is based on the actual movie Don't Knock Twice, and if you have seen it you will get familiar with a lot of the stuff including the story which is taken more or less from the movie itself. Without spoiling too much, you are making your way through a huge mansion in first person, solving mysterious puzzles and experiencing strange things happening in a kind of linear story-line.

Even if there are jump-scare scenes, there are still not overused - which I think is very good. The most terrifying part in this game is not the jump-scares, but actually the terrifying atmosphere, the creepy feeling and the mystery escalating for every minute. If you enjoy scary games (or movies) with a more psychological horror, you will probably love this one, just like Paranormal Activity.

The game has both free locomotion with Vive/Touch touchpad/thumbstick and the normal teleportation. Im so happy to see that the game got free locomotion, as it adds so much more immersion to the gameplay, The free locomotion is glitchy though, sometimes you get stuck for a few seconds and sometimes it just doesnt let you move forward for some reason. But sooner or later you make your way by just pushing the touchpad in any direction, so there is no need to restart or so if you get stuck.

Graphics in this game are just awesome. Polished, detailed and feels overall very realistic. Shadows and the whole atmosphere is stunning, and it feels even more well-made than Paranormal Activity. If you look at many online gameplay videos of Dont Knock Twice game it looks as its extremely dark, but actually its not SO dark. In my video, I have added gamma correction, so what you see in my video is the actual brightness in the Vive/Rift headset. Dont get fooled by too dark youtube videos some people have published.

Amazing ambient sounds and background music. Truly 10 out of 10. In fact, the sounds and the music are what makes this game much better than PA. Be sure to use headphones for full immersion.

Story is very similar to the movie itself. There is loads of story line to read in papers, letters, books etc. If you really need to to that is unclear, and I think you dont even need that. But following the storyline by reading everything will of course make this a much more deep experience. Only problem is that the text on some letters/notes are waay to small for VR. Its very hard to read some of the text, even with SuperSampling on 1.4 and TAA antialiasing in game.

Performance is very good 99% of the time. I could play this on max settings in options, including TAA, max textures, and 16x anisotropic filtering. Also I had Supersampling on 1.4 in SteamVR, and still no reprojection or lost frames. Im using a GTX 1080 Ti though, take that in mind.
Only problem I see is that the game is loading very often when u enter new rooms or lighten up candles/lights. When this happens, it gets stuttery for a quarter of a second and sometimes the Vive controllers pops up instead of the hands, and in some cases I could see the SteamVR overlay popup because of heavy loading. Its quite strange as I hardly see that in any other VR game. I use SSD hard drives of course. Maybe thats just a glitch that may be fixed soon?

Well, Im not sure how many gameplay hours you will get from this game. So far I have only played for around 40 minutes and I enjoy it every minute. I hope the story is long enough to keep me going for a couple of more hours. Price is OK for a title like this, especially compared to similar over-hyped games like Paranormal Activity. If we at least get 2-3 hours of gameplay, I think this could be one of this years best and most scary VR horror games, hands down. Its immersive, its scary and its atmospheric. I had a blast, and I look forward to play further :)

All in all, a VR horror game I can truly recommend to all horror-lovers. Well done, developers!

For more detailed review and gameplay, be sure to check my video above.

Thanks for reading!
Posted September 5, 2017. Last edited September 5, 2017.
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1.1 hrs on record
Seriously, this game is so fun and quite unique as well for a VR game! Start off as a new felony in prison, work your way up by doing jobs for mafia and guards, earn cash and become the boss - simply brilliant idea for a interactive VR game. I made a video a couple of days ago, showing off the game from start:

+ Graphics are cartoonish but very polished and good looking
+ Lovely background music and good sound effects
+ Easy interaction with items, and easy to understand for beginners
+ Tutorials helps a lot in the beginning
+ Awesome atmosphere, quite creepy at night time when u need to be aware of the guards :)
+ Fun gameplay that will last for hours and hours.
+ Unique. I love the idea of this, its simply so fun being in a VR prison :)

- No multiplayer yet, but is it really needed in a game like this?
- At least 2x2 meters playspace are is a must, otherwise u wont reach some stuff.
Posted August 29, 2017.
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Very entertaining and immersive Formula 1 arcade racing game. Don't expect a F1 simulator, this is a fun and fast arcade F1 racer with Vive-controller steering, easy to jump into but quite challenging to master! Check my Mixed Reality VR gameplay I made showing all 3 cars and 4 tracks in action:

The good stuff about FormulaVR:

Graphics are very good, image is sharp on distance (even without supersampling) and car models are very polished, including the cockpit.

Simple but logic main menu, and you can adjust your seating position any time easily with grip button (very good).

Steering with Vive controllers works great actually, but of course its an arcade game so the sensitivity is quite low. Its easy to steer and I dont miss steering wheel support tbh. Good arcade feeling!

Opponents are challenging and AI is not bad at all. Sense of speed is awesome in 300km/h and no motion sickness for me at all. Good sound effects and awesome arcade immersion! Tutorial is available. Full Mixed Reality support is nice as well :) (thank you SAT BOX). Price is resonable as well (I bought it myself), and performance is good.

The less good stuff about FormulaVR:

No Multiplayer (yet at least)
Only 4 tracks and 3 cars available.
Only qualify+race mode. No warm up and no career or championship modes.
Some of the tracks are better looking than others, at least one of them is actually taken straight from VR Sports Go Kart game (same developer).
Music is mostly from VR Sports (not bad though)
No difficulty settings (as far as I can see)
No car or tire adjustments/customizations.
No car damage on crash.
No weather conditions except sunny.

All in all, very simple but still very fun and good looking F1 racing game. Just jump into it, have fun and enjoy arcade-ish F1 races in Virtual Reality. Check my full gameplay video above for more info and my final thoughts.

Cheers guys!
Posted August 21, 2017.
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