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Welcome to my review of We Need To Go Deeper!

In A Nutshell:

-Excellent Multiplayer (1-4 Players)!
-Fantastic, Comical Art Style.
-Hilarious Objects.
-Object/Item Mall.
-Lots of Action.
-Frequent (Free) Updates.

-Early Access (So Some Bugs).
-Slightly Unstable At Times (But Frequent Fixes).
-Levels No-Longer Randomized?
-Random-Item/Level/Events Can Pwn You (Chaos Pro?).

Full Review:

We Need To Go Deeper (WNTGD) is a fast-paced, Action style Multiplayer adventure in which a crew of teammates dive deeper and deeper into the treacherous oceans. A recent update added Bots, allowing for a single-player experience, but it’s still way more fun with a living crew. The art style is whimsical and fun, as are the items you can discover/unlock in the item mall. Running around, stabbing your friends with a syringe to maybe help them? Yes, please! The Devs do frequent updates (and apparently seasonal events as well), and are super responsive in the community.

There’s the added appeal of exploring caves to look for loot, though the newer, larger caves can be a bit tedious or overwhelming at times. Multiple types of ships allow for different crew formations, and it’s important to decide what equipment you start with to ensure a balanced crew. Tip: Don’t skip a wrench at the beginning of your voyage! If you like funny, genuinely exciting Multiplayer titles this one is a must-play, must-own kind of deal, even in Early Access. I have no doubt the Devs will continue to bring their A-game. Highly recommended.

In Conclusion: 8/10

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This review is a follow-up of a live gameplay session conducted on the IIQ Twitch channel. The views represented within are my own, and were not influenced by the possible receipt of a press code. For similar reviews and information about our programming, please visit us on Discord:
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