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⭐ Buying and Selling Card Sets 🔑💎⇄ 🎴
The bot will check your current badge progress and only send you sets you have not crafted yet, if you have sets in your inventory you must craft them before buying any sets - the bot only checks your badge progress not your inventory, failure to craft beforehand will likely result in the bot sending duplicate sets!

!help - shows these commands.
!level [desired level] - calculate how many sets and keys/gems it'll cost for desired level.
!check - how many sets the bot has that you can craft.
!check [amount] - how many sets and level you would reach for a specific amount of CS:GO Keys.

Buying My Sets:
!buy [amount] - buy sets with X amount of CS:GO Keys.
!buygems [amount] - buy X amount of sets for Gems.
!buyone [amount] - for badge level 1 badge collectors, sends one set per game.
!buyany [amount] - buy random sets with X amount of CS:GO Keys.
* note: with !buyany commands you WILL receive card sets you've already crafted.

Selling Your Sets:
!sell [amount] - sell sets for X amount of CS:GO Keys.
!sellcheck - information about the sets you can sell.

Q : How do I use the bot?
A : All you have to do is add the bot (it will accept you automaticaly) and use !help for the commands.
Q : Can I craft badges for the games I do not own?
A : Yes, you can.
Q : What keys does the bot accept?
A : Bot accepts all CS:GO keys except for Community Sticker Capsule 1 Key and CS:GO Capsule Key.
Q : Is there a chance that I will get a set that I have already crafted?
A : No, the bot checks what badges you have and will not give you sets that you've already crafted.

If you find bugs or need help add the Owner .
Have fun!:steamhappy:
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