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          ★ Name: [classified]
          ★ Age: Old enough to be a Starfleet commander!
          ★ Race: Humanoid
          ★ Birthplace: Sol System, Andromeda-Milky Way
          ★ Languages: English, Reptilian, Japanese, Russian, Fenrisian

What I am:         What I am NOT:
⦁ Geek || RPGオタク        ⦁ Ego-tripper / Muh work blablabla || 独りよがり
⦁ Weeb || 日本語と葉隠れに興味    ⦁ Elitist / Gatekeeper / Tight-ass || 堅物
⦁ Chatty birb || おしゃべり好き      ⦁ Know-it-all / Sweaty / Try-hard || 知ったかぶり
⦁ Your dream || 理想の人        ⦁ Weaboo / Otaku / Waifu maniac || ハレームに溺れる

➤⠀IRL LIKES & DISLIKES (yes, there's a lot more)
⭕ Sci-fi / Mystery / Fantasy TV series and books || SFもの
⭕ Tarot / Rune divination || タロット占い
⭕ Seinen anime (Parasite, FMA, Hellsing) || 青年アニメ
⭕ Reading with one eye whenever I can

❌ Marry Sue & Gary Stu / Obvious cliches || クリシェの筋書きとキャラ
❌ Hard-to-believe story / School dramas / Japanese cliches || 学校ドラマ
❌ Not being able to read because "one eye"

➤⠀GAMING LIKES & DISLIKES (don't rage all over the profile pls)
👍 Immersive RPG/JRPG + rich customization (AC Odyssey) || 没頭できるRPG
👍 Story-driven gameplay (Ori) || ストーリーを中心としたゲーム
👍 Fast pacing (God Eater) || 展開のテンポ速いゲーム・グラインドなし
👍 Turn-based tactical games (XCOM) / Simple-ish strategies (TW, DOW)

👎 MMORPG-like meaningless grind fest (SAO, WoW)
👎 Loot-based games (Apex Legends) / Sweaty grind (Monster Hunter)
👎 Poorly written story/ Lack of story (look above for examples)

╭━━   ━━━━━━━━━━        ━━━━━━━━━━        ━━━━━━━━━━   ━━╮
Let's try to be friends and gaming buddies if: || 仲良くなりたい方は
⦁ You don't mind chatting while gaming || ゲームしながらチャットできる
⦁ We share at least one interest / like and dislike in common || 共通点を持つ
⦁ You honestly want to socialize || 本当におしゃべり好き
⦁ You hate ghosting / cheating / scamming / lying and other degenerate behavior || いやなやつがまんならない
╰━━   ━━━━━━━━━━        ━━━━━━━━━━        ━━━━━━━━━━   ━━╯
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How to install NFL mod
  1. Join the official discord[discord.com]
  2. In Discord channel, scroll down to #nfl-mod, click on pinned messages
  3. Next in pinned messages, find "LB_NFL_mod_beauty_090821.zip" and download it, read instructions in the pinned post too while downloading
  4. Find "NFL_22v1.json" and download it, read instructions in the pinned post
  5. Assuming you have read the instructions in the two pinned posts, you can put together the mod using all downloaded files. ***Here's a short version of instructions in case you didn't read them***: ⓪ back up and then delete this folder->"legend_bowl" in this location-> C:\Users\(Your name)\AppData\Local, ① in the downloaded zip file find "legend_bowl" folder, ② extract it to C:\Users\(Your name)\AppData\Local, ③ put the "NFL_22v1.json" into C:\Users\(Your name)\AppData\Local\legend_bowl\data\custom\rosters
  6. Start the game, go to rosters menu, load NFL 22v1, adjust difficulty and sound settings as you see fit
  7. Go to the official discord channel and thank the creators of the mod. Play!
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The game isn't bad per say, but a few features make it an unenjoyable experience for me. Personally, I do not recommend this title, but if I could, I would have given it a neutral rating.
  • While interface looks fine and has early 2000s vibe, it is cumbersome to use.
  • Soundtrack gets repetitive extremely fast, as in the first hour fast.
  • Although I've played just one hour, I can already see where the gameplay is going. It's going to be a lot of clicking and positioning. What's worse is that you have to double click to confirm movement. Could be much better if they implemented range of movement radius or indicator.
  • Font is properly sized, but some important stats like health, heat, AP and MP are tiny in comparison.
  • It's not clear when the turn ends or starts. A splash notification would help greatly.
  • Simplistic attack or defense animations that aren't enjoyable to watch.
All of the above might not be a big deal for many people, so I recommend you give it a try and see for yourself.
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The real Space Wolves have come to town! Iconic baby blue? Check! Pack markings? Check! Runes? Check! Custom armor pieces? Check! No bugs? Check! Viking vibe guaranteed :) Subscribe and enjoy the h
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