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I Found a Way (Drake & Josh Theme Song) - Drake Bell
[Verse 1]
I never thought that it'd be so simple but
I found a way, I found a way
I always thought that it'd be too crazy but
I found a way, I found a way

If you open up your mind
See what's inside
It's gonna take some time, to re-align
But if you look inside, I'm sure you'll find
Over your shoulder you know that, I told you
I'll always be pickin' you up when you're down
So just turn around

[Verse 2]
Now that I know that anything's possible
I found a way, I found a way
No one can break what is so unbreakable
I found a way, I found a way


[Verse 3]
No one cares
What you give
You know you gotta live like you wanna live
When it's time
To be free
You know you gotta be what you wanna be

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Scroll Down :steamhappy:

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name jeff, twenny wan :steammocking:
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