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This is a edit of the well-known map "rp_industrial17_v1". Going above and beyond, we've made heavy re-adjustments for the map. A tarnished and obliterated city, that is at its last straws, stands as a barren battlefield between the Combine and the Resista
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Created by - svensis, Vince, and Dr.Lee Everett
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I created this cause its really cool how the forcefields in Half-Life 2 work and I decided to remake it in lua. You can use them:
Then spawn
Use the cw_hands or g
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Created by - svensis
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cleric Nov 23 @ 3:36am 
This game is awesome! I play it with my son almost every day, and we have the best time :) Outsmarting the enemies, tactical strategies to overcome them, building up our armies, our economy etc., racing against time ... it is the best ! I love the graphics, the maps, the ability to steal enemies sheep, crush their buildings, their walls and, yes, even their hardworking villagers (sorry). Anything to get that beautiful, upwards moving timeline to victory. It is glorious :) Well done to the developers. This is one of my all-time favourite games ever :)
★ Pike ★ Nov 19 @ 5:38pm 
Hi, Im Pike