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Originally composed by Badhamknibbs, Saints Sasha, and zigbomb, this map strives to nail the creative essence of the original City 17 presented in Half-Life 2. Driven to create a map that was strict on original architecture ideas, Sasha and zigbomb continu
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Created by - svensis
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Favorite Group - Public Group - state of the art Half-Life 2 Roleplay Experience
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Shiro Sep 15 @ 5:44am 
-rep your mother ♥♥♥♥ your ♥♥♥ every day and every night
👌G A L L A N T I N👌 Sep 12 @ 3:35am 
Fellow kekistani
LeaVox Sep 6 @ 7:56am 
+rep, get mad really fast Sep 5 @ 8:53pm 
Have you ever put an ice on your balls after not washing them for a good month. And your underpants drenched in ♥♥♥ smelling like rancid cheese and unborn children. You use all of your willpower to lumber over to the freezer, you throw the door open and there it is! The third cabinet on the bottom, the holy ice. Sitting, awaiting your precious sac. The amount of gigabytes of cars porn it took to get to this point was astonishing. The ice is in your grasp and at his point you can’t take it any longer. It drops down your pants like a cold plate of spaghetti and all of a sudden. Your clearer now. You can finally enter a room without the stench welcoming itself into everybody’s nostrils. With this newfound power you never want to remove the ice, but all good things must come to an end. One day it’s gonna melt and when that happens the stench will return.
cleric Sep 5 @ 11:34am - state of the art Half-Life 2 Roleplay Experience
Ibragim Sep 3 @ 10:39am 
+rep fisher man :greencatwhat: