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i dont understand this game
Shadowheartz | iksd Jul 18 @ 10:46am 
svensis Jul 18 @ 10:05am 
Shadowheartz | iksd Jul 18 @ 9:37am 
says gaymod rper
Shadowheartz | iksd Jul 12 @ 5:13pm 
one of the best programmers i ever known :greenlike:
[Кия] BioTechx34_67 Jul 9 @ 12:27pm 
how does one install the game called Fort Knight?
please help. thanks.
GoneForWeak Jul 8 @ 8:21pm 
Hey im adding you cause i need more friends to play games with Cause Im Depressed Now I Will Sing The Tribal Friend Song CUT MY LIFE INTO PEICES THIS IS MY LAST RESORT