Sven Viking
Daniel Fearon
Founder, Sven Co-op Half-Life [].
Founder, ByMe Games [].
Previously webmaster, Atomic Half-Life.
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⛧ HAIL The Beast ⛧ Jun 21 @ 9:23am 
please accept my friend request i want to talk to you about The game and this tiny problem with my mouse :)
nils Jun 9 @ 8:04am 
i love your game
CryoKeen Jun 5 @ 12:09am 
Thank you man, you made something that will live on forever and ever and ever in our minds and thoughts and dreams and brains thank you so much man Sven Viking holy crap 20 years Strong and here we are :D
Nekrodark Jun 4 @ 3:27pm 
Thanks for creating a mod for the users from all in the world, know as Sven Co-op <3 with your friend :)
chun (cake day) Apr 15 @ 6:19am 
we are all shizzles
hello , please i have a little issue in sven Co-op , can you accept my invitation ? :( please