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Diamond on my neck like river
I just fucked a bitch on Twitter
Put the K to his mouth like a motherfuckin' dinner
Call lil' bitch get head like a pillow.

If u fuck with me, i'ma get that revenge soon
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Toitl2 Jul 4 @ 1:23am 
-rep iģiat did not buy milkshake
Smokepurpp#injuredwrist Jun 20 @ 11:21pm 
-rep aimbot... all headshots since round 23 when they were losing 14:9
Toitl2 Apr 9 @ 10:16am 
-rep nice roblox hacks
Oveeh Apr 2 @ 1:45am 
+rep, friendly and trustworthy guy.
loof Feb 24 @ 5:54am 
Smokepurpp Feb 23 @ 12:14pm 
16* :)