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Workshop Showcase
Workshop Showcase
Take care of business.

4 lods, teamcolored lenses. Jiggleboned.

See also the rest of the set!
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Status - Pending, Created by - Svdl
Vector 🎂 5 Jun 18 @ 1:11pm 
hey, i was wondering if you and A Paint Bucket Named Huey would like to team up in an effort to make a better unmasked pyro model?
CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo Jun 15 @ 2:12am 
Thank you SO FREAKING MUCH for making the corona australis set huge fan of it and i LOVE the set owo just thank you:tobdog:
hey am a huge fan of the track terrizor and i was wondering if you could sigh my track from the creator so it would make it special for me i added you
The Friendly Shpee May 25 @ 8:41am 
All I ask is that even if your items dont make it in (still if u can, if they do make it in) convert ur creeper in the bushes set onto Source Filmmaker as it would be excellent for the SFM side of the tf2 community. I will also be one to "try" and use it. (try because im new to SFM.) Thankyou for the brilliant (hopefully soon to be or already in game) items. Thank you!
Sash Sergeant May 7 @ 2:59am 
thanks for making level three chin
GMOD JOJO PART 5 PARTY!! Apr 23 @ 8:56am 
Thanks for creating some of the best cosmetics ingame :)